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 Apr 2
uzzi obinna
Made the decision to cut certain ties,
when it became a must that I have to rise;
Now the dream's clearer and I will outshine,
yes the divine agenda in my master's design;

It's family first at every cost,
never making the same mistakes of those who lost;
some thought I could not make it so I paid them in full,
Now I am getting there so tell me who is the fool;

whether I live long or die at any time,
may my successes prove that I reached  my prime;
grow too big to associate with your people,
it's nothing but the start of a type of evil;

Never drag anyone with you when going up,
let them come running with you or else you drop;
its hard to balance it all in this world we live in,
with the hustling everyday you are lucky to be breathing;

your friends are too desperate and afraid to wait,
do not look up to me cos I can't dictate your fate;
I do what I can to disperse everything I have,
there are too many of you and I don't know who to starve;

They depend on me but I fail sometimes and fall real low cos I am just a man,
hell I don't know if the stop sign will be at my doorstep tomorrow and yes all I had was a plan:

And when some thought they had it all and rubbed it on my face,
I was laughed at and scorned, given everything short of a praise;
it didn't matter then and sure as hell don't matter after all these years'
except it only matters cos it sparked the fire that led me here;

it's very hard to love in a world full of fakes and hate,
keep a pure heart or else you break and seize to elevate;
Try not to Lord your opinion cos you don't know it all,
keep your heart open and know when to build a wall;

If we all contribute a little good we could fix this world(1),
but what is right or wrong when we all have different gods;
become great or die trying(2), leave no stone unturned,
resilience is one of the ways that success is earned;

better to try and fail than not to try at all,
start from something and despise nothing small,
and when it comes to deciding to cut ties,
may it be a decision made by a wise.
references made: (2)Curtis "50 cent" Jackson, (1) Evelyn Beatrice Hall(1868-1956)-the friends of Voltaire (1906) Ch 8. page 221.
 Jul 2021
Roberta Day
Wading in waters
So suffocatingly deep
Help me, I'm drowning
Been a long time since my last haikuesday. I thought about this one last week but was late to post.
 May 2021
A sweet moment
bring a blush to my face.
I remember the time,
I recall the place.
Open invitation;
you sought my conversation.
My response went deaf,
As I solemnly left...
But I will never forget,
How important you made me felt.
 May 2021
Don't take my vulnerability,
As being weak.
I am a weapon,
I can make you leak.
I will break your heart,
Or make it whole.
I can love you or break your soul.
Not arrogant of the power I hold.
Fire in my eyes,
Cold is my blood.
 May 2021
It's okay to be chosen
or not to be.

We all have eyes,
but only a few will see.

It's okay to be bound,
but plan to get free.

Have mercy on you,
grace for me.
π £ π •
 May 2021
I release you, Past.
You have stayed for too long.

Guiding my steps,
to lead me wrong.

Confusion and chaos;
a never ending story.

Your will not hinder my future,
neither my glory.
π £ π •
 May 2021
Baby come back
Where'd you go?
Tell me you're sorry,
and come back home.
Return my dear,
please come near.
Darkness is upon us,
Your safety I fear.
But - - -
If you choose to stay away,
may peace and joy fill your days.
 May 2021
Your eyes told me tales
I promised not to tell.
You taught me to be good,
I learned to be well.
Your smile gave me life,
as I struggled to find meaning.
winter bones caught in fall,
You were my best season.
 Mar 2021
Unable to bond
Have you ever met my kind?
Unable to connect
Closeness makes me sweat.
Unable to feel
Dissociation too real.
Unable to process emotions
I am the salt of the ocean.
 Mar 2021
Too old to be young
Too self conscious to be fun
Too depressed to be light
Too sensitive to start a fight
Too combative for a man
I should chill but I'm no fan.
Too me to be free....

So, here in my mind is where I'll be.
 Mar 2021
You were odd
Child of balance, I was even.
You were exotic
Child of Venus, I was toxic.
You were bold,
I wanted to be brave but just came off cold.
You were beautiful,
I may have fell in love.
You never believed me,
Too much sensitive stuff.
 Feb 2021
The aftershock of love
Always shakes me the hardest.
I pushed you away
Now you've gone the farthest.

A delay in reaction
Is usually my action.
Divided two hearts,
Down to the lowest fraction.

Forgive me most
for I'm usually on time
I ran out of excuses,
Leaving you on my mind.
 Dec 2020
Roberta Day
Still, in the fourth quarter
Disabled, a depressed hoarder
Permeation meets ideation
Tectonic joints sliding away
Collapsing Ebony Atlas
In ruin and decay
Water and rock erode away
Foundation, damaged
Weakened support
Overwhelm and pressure
Leading to the break
Dreaming about the long sleep
Paralyzed while awake
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