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 May 2016
As yesterday came to an end
I thought I had some time to spend
Then i opened my plans
To see where I stand
I'm booked until April's month ends
The moral: never look more than two weeks ahead in the springtime.
 Apr 2016
you forget
you are a poet
and accidentally
make sense
10w truths
 Apr 2016
dear evolution
normally I really like your work
*but today I hate you.
 Apr 2016
it's not the bustling city
with its massive modernity
and ever present life.
it's not the mountains
with their wild, untamed nature
and their way of making towns look small.
but something stands to be said
for the way the highways curve
into a mall complex
designed to look pleasing,
And for the way millions of cars
and parents and children
manage to fit together like a puzzle
so one can drop her youngest off
run errands with her eldest
and be home in time for her favorite evening programs.
 Apr 2016
I imagine this
feels somewhat like flying away
over a dark plane

— The End —