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 Apr 2019
I Saw her name painted upon a stone
Then you told me the legend of Bao Si
Her form as an ageless, ancient beauty
Still alive, breathing in places of love

I have wandered bound within her legend
Spiriting me across stormy jade seas
Walked upon ancient timeless stone pathways
I've taken her to heart as I have you

Enfolded within emerald dreaming
I've envisioned standing on the Great Wall
Then setting ablaze the warning tower
Forsaking all just to have seen her smile

You've told me about the Yunnan mountains
About the precious teas harvested there
The peaceful palmed paradise below them
Gentle winds whisper the name of Bao Si

Beneath the soft shadows of those mountains          
In the early morning amber sunrise
Hands held we will share warm tea and kisses
Love in a coy blossomed beautiful place

© P.M.H 2009 Revised 2/12/19
 May 2018
Valsa George
As I beheld a flower of rare beauty
In the silence choked heart of wilderness
The facsimile of a pretty woman came alive
From the coagulated heap of images

A woman…….! Isn’t she
God’s supreme handiwork
An animated form of chiseled art
A joy to behold
A figure of curvaceous ups and downs
God’s beautiful calligraphy
Her skin glowing as satin
Hands and fingers of creamy softness
Eyes reflecting love and gentleness
Voice musical and sweet
Moving with measured cadence
And walking with fluid ease
One who smoothens the rough edges of life
But Alas! A treasure rarely valued.

A loving daughter to her parents
An adorable mate to her man
A forgiving mother to all
The fountain spring of new life
The lovely mother to her children!

Though she is branded by many
As frail or fickle, infirm or impish
How empty is a man’s life
Who hasn’t known a woman,
Either as a mother, sister or daughter
Or a lover, companion or wife
This marvel of creation,
This miracle worthy of adulation!
In a world where women are discriminated, I feel proud to be a woman and believe that a woman is the light of her home ! I dedicate this poem to every woman big and small..... and affirm that her sacrifices are never wasted!
 Feb 2018
When God created woman
He came up with a well devised plan
Make woman super special
Gentle as a dove
And like a silky rose petal
with a heart for love
Make each woman
unique in her defined beauty,
Like mother earth with curves
to soothe a man's nerves
Make woman
kind with a voice divine
So like an angel of heaven
Her songs of love
will carry notes high
Then God went to work
molding her and sculpting her
and threading red streams
of life giving  blood
through her veins
And when he was finished
God smiled quite pleasantly
And thought,
What a masterpiece I have created
God then whispered in her soul
Come to life my beautiful creation
For I have created
A universe of stars for you
And so woman shone brightly
When she came to life
Like those stars God created
She stretched and sighed,
and thus woman
became poetry
For she sang praises of love
for both God and Man
 Dec 2017
dark eyes. laughter.
i don't remember a time
without a smile. were you
as funny as i
though you were? no.
perhaps i just hoped
one day you
would fall for the laughter
in my eyes
like i fell
for the laughter
in yours.
 Oct 2017
G Rog Rogers
If all the beauty of existence
were put within a song
Would it not be
the heart of woman
for it then
to be written upon?

Then all the choirs of Heaven
would sing as one

I might then hear the beauty
of the chorus as they sing
And marvel in amazement
from the deepest darkness
of this lowest place I'm in

So never quiet
an hymn of sorrow
nor despise the tears of joy
For those who
from the darkness
yet remember how wonderful life was

Memories awaken
and hope is again reborn
At that melodious
first moment
of a woman's heartfelt song

Hers is in the singing
as life is once
more renewed
Hers is in the song
as is the Heavens
eternal truth

Yes if all the beauty
of existence
were put within a song
Would it not be
the heart of woman
for it then to be written upon?


 Jul 2017
James M Vines
When loving a woman there are things that you must understand. She is like a flower one moment and the weather the next. You must sometimes treat her delicately and others be prepared to weather the storm. You must know how to listen and not speak. You must nurture her and be strong for her for she will need both of these things. You must know when to let her go and when to embrace her. A woman is a mystery that creation made and no man will ever truly understand. You can only give her love and patients and sometimes that may just be enough, but does anyone truly know how to fully love a woman?
 Jun 2017
Francie Lynch
We had *** yesterday.
Reminded me of the cover
Of a Harlequin Romance.
You, the school librarian in the foreground,
Hair up, glasses on a chain, reading.
Me, the Principal in the background,
Just entering your workroom door.
But, back to reality.
The breeze flipped the curtain corner
Along your bronzed leg, and you looked up and smiled.
Was it something you read, the thought in my head,
Or the breath of joy passing by?
Out through the screen, now open in Spring,
To bring the irises to move and radiate.
A breeze that ruffled and teased.
You directed your eyes, bent to your book,
Pleasured and pleased as me
The lace tail fell back to the sill.
Your leg never moved.
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