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 Jul 2016
Now that
I’ve told
you all my secrets

Won’t you come
in the night
and ****** me
with the truth?

Push me down,
and tie me to the bed
that I made
between layers of
in vino veritas

When I manifested
from under the mask
where I just
want to be accepted
as both the light
and my shadow

Won’t you come
pull my dark passenger
from the
of my sacral chakra?

My deepest desires
spiraling out,
got me
wrapped around
your finger

I am the snake
coiled around
the core
of the sweetest
I just want to

Then slither
back home

To the
Goddess of the Abode

To decompress
this tension

To Rise up and
slit my throat
at the vortex
of expression
 Feb 2015
We've got a red white and blue bloodlust
For the drips
from the slits
in the wrist
Of Ms. Statue of Liberty

Miss America
Covered in capitalist pigs blood
camouflaged as corn syrup
whispering bitter somethings
to the diabetic nation
that broke her sweet-heart

They'll give her something
to fill her wounds
And add insult to
Self-inflicted injuries

in flashes of light
our arrogance
our destiny

She’ll overcome us
in her apotheosis  

She’ll come
back around harder
next time

When she finally comes for us
 May 2014
I miss you when nights are cold,
While the fire is breathing on my face,
And I can't stand to feel the trace
Of your skin on mine.
I feel so old.

To remove your fingertips,
Bury myself in the glowing embers,
Scorch any trace of you off
My blackened burns.
*I only wish.
Amara Pendergraft 2014

I've been trying so hard to be good again.
 May 2014
Olga Valerevna
The secrets in your pockets
have fallen on the ground
I gathered up enough to
recover every sound
I'm not afraid to keep them
and move while holding on
Whatever you are saying
I'm hearing as a song
I've learned to know the music
with every sense I have
Return to you the silence
the rest you needed back
 May 2014
Pt. 1: Before
To the filter, the only thing of me you'll have.

                                 Pt. 2: Over
                                 Whisper softly, I won't be one of your bad habits.

Pt. 3: After
I'm smoke, catch me in your hands, if you can.
Amara Pendergraft 2014
 Apr 2014
We collided together as a cataclysmic collapse of black holes
                                                           ­                                   two days ago.

The strings of space around us stretched into small circles that
                             tucked us inside of them to hide.

Nestled away from nights and days, transcending the time that was
   beginning to slow.

Humanity & sanity fell apart but we spun on as the planets caved inward,
                                safely residing on the inside.

We were a blur of cosmic smoke and stars swirling at the center of
                                                                ­ this crumbling universe.

Bright burgundy fire built from desire washed over the silent sky
          radiating the shattered shards of our destruction.

Our blood vessels began to burst, our muscles torn from our
                                                            glow­ing bodies as we conversed.

We weaved ourselves in time, sunlight beaming from our eyes,
             as everything began to connect again.

Slots were filled with pieces that had not belonged
                                              shattered fragments placed along the outlines.

We became the blaze that lit up the center of the sky
                      filling it full of bright & warm color,
                               we were infinitely entwined as each other's lovers.
Amara Pendergraft 2014
 Apr 2014
Tom McCone
in gentle circles, a single
blade amidst the field inside
slowly ascends: twists salt
earth, a mutable red-black
tree, an unbalanced myself.

a place we swayed trickles
back. i set foot, with
wish to waste enough
time to forget ever
opening towards the
light spilling out behind
your eyes.

misery sinks my teeth
into her arm, slows and
cohort as i take
shelter. as i find
metric in my own chest.
as i **** up, grow tired,
stop. watch shadows on
the ceiling. i could float
away. i could float away.
i could float away. i could
float away.

if only i wanted to.
forgetting nothing
 Apr 2014
If I could have your lips pressed to mine like flowers
Pressed flowers
Pink and silky
Thick and silly
Sweet and milky
Pressed lips
And pressed flowers
He loves me
He loves me not
 Apr 2014
She's tapped into another realm
Sitting on top of the world
Resonating the astral plane
At least in my mind
She's above me
So divine

A crown wrapped in flowers and gold
Diamonds in the sky
Cut through the noise
and crack down to shatter the Earth
Looking pretty amongst the chaos

She catches my eyes to bring the temptation of the Goddess
Always within reach
but afraid to touch
to release
Let go of everything

This is where our souls intertwined
The tango of our 9-5
Looking forward to breaks in reality
Our survival mechanisms
From the bottom to top
Where her crown connects realms of telepathic foreplay
A mindfuck of sorts
Black and blue balled by the true cowardliness of reality.
 Apr 2014
Daniel Magner
Someone to
lay in bed with
listening to
Red, Red Wine
lip syncing
to every
"Just one thing makes me forget, red, red, wine"

Daniel Magner 2014
 Apr 2014
Nick Moore
Making up
you'r own story

A lonely path
to chose

But the best
one to take,
the homesick blues.
 Apr 2014
Andrew McElroy
The hearers and sayers are moving the truth around again.
Why are they always coming up with different reasons to die?

Especially when it is the world's hands at play;
Her gracious hands, wrapped in cellophane then thrown from the window with hate.

Oh and how we have shattered those precious porcelain fingernails.
All of that money gone to waste, burnt out on family funerals and stock exchange.

You should have spent more time outside in the shade,
Rather than lick the sweet taste of revenge off her switch blade.

To just spit back in the face of a once upon a time love.
It's the wanderers from the beginning that always come back for more.

Heaven has a special place reserved in hell for them.
It's only a matter of time before I'm trapped in between the two again.

So I'm back on the floor, with my face in the eye.
I have bitten off the last shadow.

They should be able to see the light soon enough:
But I let it slip again, out into the *nighttime stardust.
I'm still not sure of this one. I have been in a writer's block as of late and this was my attempt at breaking it. ("tear down the wall, tear down the wall, tear down the wall. . .") You get the picture.

Love, A.
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