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 Sep 2015
Bill murray
Some thing's can get a little hairy
A little scary
A little daring
blood-curdling are the little vermin
Who love to digest down my harvest.
How they got a surprise coming,
With the good winchester model 37.
Take the little vermin to creepy crawly heaven.
 Sep 2015
Mike Hauser
Charles Bukowski ate my girlfriend
He started with her head
Fiddled with her like finger food
Putty in his hands

Charles Bukowski took my girlfriend
Slapped her hard upside the face
Now she likes it *****
So this poets been replaced

I'd like to say so long Charlie
As far as I'm concerned
You can hit the literary highway
Never to return

Charles Bukowski took my girlfriend
And showed her a good time
As I'm watching from the shallow end
Of my kiddie pool of simple rhyme

Charles Bukowski ate my girlfriend
Chewed her up then spit her out
Now that good for nothing Charlie
Is all she talks about
Ran across some poetry from Charlie tonight and thought...Didn't I write something once about him? And here you go...
 Sep 2015
Bill murray
I might be a filthy old rat
At least i know what fun is
And these day's
Old Prune's forget to have fun.
Thats why their dead by forty.
Ill live to 100.
 Sep 2015
David Ehrgott
My rooster's hard, bent blue again
Might break out of her pen
I'd hate to be the headline news
or view on news at ten
Four more people died today
Struck by hotwire pole
There must be something I can do
Something I can poke

I'd like to tunnel through then, glue
your underground encavement
So, no one else could trespass
on your petals nor their softness
I see you.  How do you do?
Let songs of love begin
Carried on through morning light
May sunshine never end
And lay your head on morning wood,
together we will mend
 Sep 2015
Bill murray
Crack a whip?
Or crack a nut?
In your mid to high sixties
You will be cracking bones legs and your smelly old ****
 Sep 2015
am i ee
The strapping young lad & the manly cowboy
went out for a brew.
"i'd like to go camping with you."

"this ain't no brokeback mountian,
if that's on which yew were a countin'."

"no worries mate,
really, i wasn't looking for a date!"
if you have a hankerin' to read from the beginning... see the Collections,  The Manly Cowboy & Chronicles of a Big Fat Yellow Bootay
 Sep 2015
i think i need to move to outer space
spacing myself further from the human race
racing away at an astonishing pace
pacing myself toward stars of grace
gracing me with a solitary place
placing me within the galaxy's trace
tracing my roots in a self finding chase
chasing comets to see my own face
a double quantum has rhymes in the first and last words of each line, besides the first line...also, the last word of each line must be used as the first word in the next line, but in a different form
 Aug 2015
Paul Butters
Dem phones, dem phones, dem iPhones,
Dem phones, dem phones, dem iPhones,
Dem phones, dem phones, dem iPhones,
Now praise the Lord for the Web.

The Apple phone’s connected to the Vodaphone,
And the Vodaphone’s connected to the Google Zone,
The Google Zone’s connected to the Web Zone,
Oh hear the Lord of the Word.

Well the phone’s connected to a browser
And it fits very neatly in your trouser.
The browser connects you to the Internet
Faster than the fastest speed-jet,
Just the place for a quick bet.
Oh hear the Lord of the Word.

It might get you onto Facebook
Or teach you how to be good cook
Find you some ladies for a good…

Now Praise the Lord of The Word.

Paul Butters
Just for a laugh...
 Aug 2015
Jake muler
Making class again late at 8 am rush traffic time I really hope I don't catch a traffic ticket again
Already owe the school thousands so really don't wanna owe thousands in tickets to the cops. I'd really like to break big brothers eyes in the sky looking down at my license plate
 Aug 2015
Tommy Jackson
And molding
Lifting up
Taking me
Into the
Rocking loud
 Aug 2015
oh little macaroon
with your shell of beaten egg whites
sweet swiss meringue buttercream filling peeks out of your sides
but still trying to hides it’s saccharine form
oh little macaroon
with your bright pink composure
you're perfect with no air pockets
sometimes you can be filled with savory chocolate
oh little macaroon
i don't know what to do with you
your so cute sitting there
without a care
i don't want to eat you up!
oh little macaroon
your smell has gotten the better of me
im so sorry!
i nibble your edge with a bit of regret  
i've loved you since the moment we meet
and im sorry it must end
oh little macaroon
please forgive me for biting down on you
your crisp shell gives way to soft and chewy texture i've been craving all day
sweet artificial strawberry taste does not take hast to fill my mouth
without a doubt
this delightful creamy taste will stain the roof of my mouth with a rose tint
oh little macaroon  
what's it like in my tummy?
just so you know you were oh so yummy!
 Feb 2015
Dorothy A
I opened the closet
and yelled at all the skeletons:

Get out of my closet!

I don't want your secrets!
I don't want your shame!
I don't want your ***** laundry!
You have been in here long enough!

I started tossing out the junk,
ridding myself of the mess,
like ruins in an old tomb,
Garbage that I have been trying to contain,
useless things flying everywhere:
Unfulfilled dreams,
unresolved anger,
old sadness,
unhappy childhood
etc, etc, etc....

Those bony beings started
making their way out,
grumbling because of
their harsh eviction,
clanking away down the stairs
and out of the house

Well, that felt lots better
but I'm not sure if they
all left for good

It will be time to do more house cleaning soon
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