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Nov 2010
I opened the closet
and yelled at all the skeletons:

Get out of my closet!

I don't want your secrets!
I don't want your shame!
I don't want your ***** laundry!
You have been in here long enough!

I started tossing out the junk,
ridding myself of the mess,
like ruins in an old tomb,
Garbage that I have been trying to contain,
useless things flying everywhere:
Unfulfilled dreams,
unresolved anger,
old sadness,
unhappy childhood
etc, etc, etc....

Those bony beings started
making their way out,
grumbling because of
their harsh eviction,
clanking away down the stairs
and out of the house

Well, that felt lots better
but I'm not sure if they
all left for good

It will be time to do more house cleaning soon
Dorothy A
Written by
Dorothy A
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