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  Jun 2016 Bill murray
Wouldn’t it be nice
If we could live twice
So when the first one is done
We do the next one, for fun
  Jun 2016 Bill murray
You stole the light from my soul, when you left
But I had no way to prevent, or report your theft
You left me behind all alone, groping in the dark
Searching the ashes blindly, for some sort of spark

I fell into a deep, never ending abyss
Don’t know how long, I existed like this
Until that scar, on my heart fell off
It’s only then I knew, I could once more love

Now I endlessly search, for a cinder or glowing ember
To relight my soul, like those days I remember
But with every spark that I’ve chosen, to my light renew
It only fades and dies, with each memory, of you
  Jun 2016 Bill murray
Arfah Afaqi Zia
Slender holes riveting my heart,
Rapture words drown me in their depth,
It is you I want,
Not someone else,
I can leave everything just for you,
Because, it is you I want,

Your love is like water to me,
Without it I cannot survive,
It is you I want,
I look around me and see so many admirers,
They want to make me theirs,
But darling, it is you I want.
  Jun 2016 Bill murray
Today u came with a smile
Something different was surely in ur mind
The bird couldn't think what it could be
As u were waking slowly to her cage
A smile meant something good to her.
She was then the happiest creature alive
U came to her, opened the cage.
Asked the bird to come out,
Fly and never come back alive.

The bird got confused.
With the smile and those words.
But the smile was gone.
Ur eyes were waiting her to fly
She wanted to ask why?
But she knew the answer herself.
You had left her long ago.
Silently sitting
out on my chair
Lilac scent wafting
up thru the air

Forsythia blooms
so yellow and bright
Peony flowers
a pure snowy white

Birds are singing
Songs set me at ease
Trees are growing
pollen makes me sneeze

Winter has loosened
It's icy cold grip
Now it's springs turn
to captain the ship
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