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 May 2016
Sedoo Ashivor
I appear where bold people speak
I precede intention
I breed expectation
I rarely reside with the weak

You can recognize my symbol
You can use me in your tone
I am neither proud nor humble
But I prefer to work alone

I would like to haunt you
Sometimes, I'll taunt you
Until you say something
Back to me.

**What am I?
 Apr 2016
Francie Lynch
Just hitched my pants
Above the waistline;
Added a tight notch.
What's to become of me.
Should I consider
Knee-high socks,
With Bermuda shorts
To match
My peppered stubble.
Perhaps man-scaping
And Botox,
A ****** moustache
And comb-over,
Or live life
Like Benjamin Button.
 Apr 2016
I just heard, that Maple Syrup
Will stimulate your brain
It’s those Tau Peptides
That you will then retain

Even though, I have Diabetes
I just can’t wait to start
All that sugar, is bound to **** me
But at least, I should die smart
 Feb 2016
Bill murray
Back in the day they called it " gripping the duds"
Nowadays the little bits are nipped in the bud,
Protect your jewels their hanging doubloons,
They can squeeze like grapes, or get popped
Like balloons. Don't get a woman mad she will
Grip em for you. Protect your jewels, no ailment
With soothe. If you loose your dudsy buddies
You'll lose mankind to. But if you loose your
Peanuts, you always have left the hanging *******. Just
Don't let him out in public.,HEY ******! Put away that
 Feb 2016
Francie Lynch
For us,
The Super Bowl
Is poetry
In legal motion.
Enjoy the game, but mostly the party. :)
 Jan 2016
Jake muler
Pitter patter, my eyes are getting sleepy. Think a good sleep will do, why am I writing. Why am I awake? I think this brains sleepwalking for me. Jake's not even here. Or is he? Ive passed the sleep stage. I've entered\zombie mode. Maybe I'm a zombie. But if im a zombie, why do I want funyuns, don't zombies like blood thirsting things, like chicken or turkey.
 Dec 2015
Dorothy A
Dear Santa

I know you don't exist
So I've no requests on a list
You see, my parents had me believing
And I never thought they'd be deceiving!
My mom confessed to me, one time
Oh, the shock that blew my mind!

No, I'm not- for good- traumatized
I just don't care much for lies!
Truly, I'm sick of all the attention
Nauseating, and really much to mention
A jolly, fat guy parading through the sky
Has been nothing but a childhood lie!
You're as bad as the tooth fairy
Suit of red and white--AND hairy!

Godlike powers to know who's been bad or good
And reindeer taking you to every neighborhood!
Come on, hey!
I say, "No way!"
Sure, there is a kernel of truth I can pick
A generous man of old - St. Nick!
He really gave gifts to pass around.
For his kindness, he was found.
So get lost, Santa Claus, just go!
I'm cynical, yes, I know!
Kids might hate me!
They might berate me!
But when they grow up, they'll get my drift
That you are nothing but a myth!!!

Okay, it's off my chest
I can give it a rest!
So, really, why do you dominate the Xmas scene?
Makes me wonder what it really means.
Is it really for the children or the child inside?
Who's it truly for, the simple fun it provides?
Yeah, I do get it, your silly charm.
Actually, it's done me no harm.
I long for what Christmas should stand for.
Love for others, the needy and the poor.
But I think you get in the way!
Shopping up a debt isn't right, I say!
Comprehending a love that came here on earth.
Two millennium ago, that wondrous birth.
That gets lost in the hurry
All the frenzy and the scurry!
Cliche-but I've just pinpointed the reason
At least for me, for this season.  

Quite sincerely

P. S. Merry Christmas, everyone!
 Dec 2015
Michael Murphy
Chewing words, this one's sweet, look a sentence, more to eat

Crunching nouns, I love the sounds

Grinding pronouns into grounds

My favorite words are adjectives, like herbs they're flavor additives

Conjunctions help to bind the meal

Verbs now helping chew with zeal

Not sure I can articulate how much I love what I just ate!
 Dec 2015
Francie Lynch
El Nino El Nino El Nino
(Sung to "Let It Snow...")

Oh the weather outside's delightful,
Not a flake of snow, it's respiteful;
And what's to credit for this show,
El Nino El Nino El Nino

The southerlies aren't abating,
The greens they're still awaiting;
I'm happy not to have a chateau,
El Nino El Nino El Nino

When I'm out gawking at the night,
I don't see the clouds of snow;
There's the flicker of firefly lights,
Dancing over green meadows.

The days are slowly growing,
Warm winds caress as they're blowing;
It's fifteen above zero,
Thanks El Nino El Nino El Nino
Bit of fun. We're having an extended autumn in Sarnia, Ontario. Sunshine and warm temps.
 Nov 2015
Bill murray
Take a bite of my pie
Gramps will take a
Bite of your
Eye, take a bite of
My apple, my farmhand
Will rip kick tackle.
Take a bite of my
Bird, you will end
Up with my hound
Dogs turds
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