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Dreamer Jul 2020
Let the thoughts go,
Make the chains loose,
Open up the walls,
Sharpen the wings,
I want to fly,
I too want to spared my wings,
I have to fly beyond that white sky,
Just give this moment of today,
As if there is no tomorrow,
Allow me to dream for the day.
Dreamer Jun 2020
I don't mind you leaving

But I do mind how you left me with

memories full of you everywhere,

I don't mind you but i mind myself
Dreamer Jun 2020
People chase love
I chase dreams
But this both are impossible to archive
A race in which the one who last wins
Dreamer Jun 2020
I just wanted to hear "EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT"
It was my only wish
Dreamer Jun 2020
They thought I was easy
Just because I frequently said SORRY,
But what's more terrifying is that,
I let them continue thinking that way
Let's keep it secret
Dreamer Jun 2020
Why do people go for others love
While they have bundle of love
Known as MOTHER
Full of love known as mom
Dreamer Jun 2020
I wonder was it in the shine sun or
Was it in the dim moonlight,
Whenever it was it was the moment
I fell for you
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