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Cameron Godfrey Oct 2015
Rain will run like watercolor
Wet and wild like waterfalls
So hard to hide, go undercover
When water will reveal it all

Drops will drip on your umbrella
While you hold me close beneath
You’re Charming, I am Cinderella
Glass slippers sweeping off my feet

Rain will run all around us
You will keep me safe and dry
Brilliant colors do surround us
While water washes the rainbow sky

We are shadows, silhouettes
We were born in black and white
Waterfalls run wild and wet
Watch the rain and fractured light

Raindrops crashing on the pave
Thunder cracks like bowling pins
Color coming down in waves
Soon it halts.
Then again it begins.
Cameron Godfrey Sep 2015
Rushes through her bones as she
Lays her head to sleep.

Energy flowing,
Like straight whiskey down her throat,
Keeps her up at night.

Her pillow is soft
Soft like a summer sky’s clouds
Still, no comfort comes.

She plugs in her phone.
The light still shines in the dark.
She can’t block it out.

No energy flows
As she wakes up the next day
She is still unplugged.
Cameron Godfrey Sep 2015
Lake before my eyes
Prickly grass beneath my thighs
The soft sound of geese

Soon I'll go inside
Back to brick walls and cold tiles
But for now I'm free

Lake before my eyes
Green and brown grass and grey skies
Not clean, but still pure

Soon I'm returning
Back to lessons and learning
I'll take what I can

Always I will know
That I've still got miles to go
Before I can sleep
We had class outside today.
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2015
I love you.
I love the way you feel, sitting close to me in the comfortable darkness.  
I love the movie playing in the background- I love the actors, the music, the scenery.  
I love making jokes about the characters, punning on the dialogue, pointing out holes in the plot.
I love crying at the sad parts, laughing at the funny parts, and laughing even harder at the parts that aren't even meant to be funny, just because you're there with me.
I love my friends, who sit and laugh at us, make fools of us as we make fools of ourselves.
I love the refreshing taste of the cool soda I'm drinking, the crunch of popcorn as we share a tub between us.
I love this quaint, little scene
                in this quaint, little place
                               in this quaint, little town
                                               in this crazy, big universe.
I love everything about this moment.
I love so much.
But how long will I have to go on
Until I can finally say
I love myself.
I've made the same decision
Almost every hour
of almost every day

You will never know my struggles
But I'm holding on
and I'm okay
Well, we were the History club rejects,
focusing on the effects
of being us
instead of in a book.

Two college drop-outs,
calling in shout-outs
to our friends,
hoping that it affected
how we looked.

Our dads would sleep in,
and our moms were crying
until a quarter past noon --
and we knew
if we didn't start trying,
that would be us, soon.

We were the starving artists,
painting fruit we couldn't afford.
Hoping each brushstroke of an artichoke
would be fruitful to our wallet,
or at least strike a chord.

Two love-loss orphans,
dreaming of morphing
into something or someone else.
But they told us
to remove that fluff
from our head
and put it on the shelves.

We were the film club fanatics,
studying the dynamics
of how to be a pretend person.
We wanted to be
a Wes Anderson flick,
but we were never any thing
other than who we were
and that's what made us sick.

And I swear I miss the desperation:
I'm nostalgic for yesterday's conversations.
Special thanks to Noah Baumbach for the title and the line.
Cameron Godfrey Aug 2015
one. bury your feelings so deep that they infiltrate your lungs and make it impossible to breath. let them asphyxiate you, suffocate you, but don't let them overcome you.

two. act like you're fine. lie through your teeth until you believe your own stories. let your lies become you; become your lies.

three. hate yourself. blame yourself. after all, it's your **** fault for falling in love. *******.

four. hate him. blame him. after all, it's his **** fault for making you fall in love with him. **** that.

five. deny it. you never had feelings. you're a ******* rock.

six. give up. you're in love.
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