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I've made the same decision
Almost every hour
of almost every day

You will never know my struggles
But I'm holding on
and I'm okay
I am proud to say
I have learnt to love myself
you dont just wake up one day
and recover
but you can just wake up one day
and choose to recover
Lets be real here,

you were always the universe
always the vast expanse
you were always too inspiring
alluring, even
you were always somehow breathtaking
(tell me how you do it)
you were always good enough
and you were always more than good enough
you were always monumental
the kind of person anyone would reminiscence of
but you werent always mine,
but you are now

and im always falling in love with you
im always never falling out
im always going to be here
and you will always be the universe
you will always be so much *more
I will look at you with awe
my eyes
will trace your outlines
explore the beauty
of your landscapes
memorise every subtle
enchanting smile
catch the glimpse
of your emotions
fall in love
with your silhouette

and really
just fall in love with all of you
they call the progress of loving you-
and of course im falling
it hurts
im raw, exposed
hurt absolutely everywhere
but thats the point-
i want to fall

if its for you, ill let myself hurt any day
im sorry
Like a stubborn flower
I'll bloom
but only in time
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