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Aug 2020 · 265
The Addiction
Kim C Aug 2020
Tribulation and vexation led to this
Fixated on decamping the mess I was in
Participating in anything I had access to
Escaping reality is what I would do
I wasn’t too fond of alcohol; I wasn’t too fond of ****
I had a few drinks here and there, but I had control you see
This isn’t an alcoholic’s story or drug abuse for that matter
You’d probably be thrown off for what I’m about to tell you
Maybe even engage in some laughter
Waking up every day to my escape
It would be my getaway, my slave
Posting online what I didn’t practice
But I needed those likes, I needed to have it
When someone would heart a photo, which pleased
I admired the adrenaline rush I received
And this started leading me to a downward spiral
I was easily shot by the dopamine rifle
Scrolling through my phone all day, I did
And I could absolutely feel the tension kick in
Almost hyperventilating like I had to stay on my device
It was as if the devil telling me, I am a bondservant with no might
Repeatedly trying to appeal to other people
through a false world
Posting many pointless photos, my brain was in a swirl
And looking back, at one point I hit rock bottom
I purposely purchased things, just to take shots of them
& I also look back on posting Biblical things all-day
But not to reach out to others, not for the right reasons, I used it for my own selfish sake,
now that’s some extensive disgrace
Because I needed the hit, I needed the high
I had false gratification from receiving the likes
& I remember constantly taking photos of my self
Spending hours with this nonsense, I seriously needed help
And when receiving little likes, I felt self-conscious and worse
I was worshiping the flesh and depended on this for self-worth
But the Joke’s on you Satan, I serve a greater God
Who convicted me of the things that I was doing wrong
I desperately prayed to Him & kept hollering His name
Asking other believers for help as well, to free me from the cage, I was a digital slave
And it took some time, it took much faith
Sometimes I felt at peace with it, at times I had intense rage
But Jesus is a faithful God, who will always test your patience
Eventually, the fog disappeared, and I eventually awakened
Jesus set me free, but it wasn’t facile to move on
It took a few years, to witness what I wanted to see gone
Now I know my worth & I know my value
I do not confide in vanity, it is no longer my idol
I focus on important things, on things that truly matter
Like Spiritual things, and the God I run after
I know I’m beautiful, & others can attest to that
In no way do I want to sound prideful, but just stating the facts
We ALL have beauty, & gifts to offer
But put God first, and then you’ll prosper
Now I want to end the story with this
This is the story of a social media addict
But now I am free & you do not have authority over me...🕊
Aug 2020 · 201
That’s Not Me Anymore
Kim C Aug 2020
I bet you weren’t alert of my struggles as a kid

                              It contributed to many of the immature things I did

                  Suffering in silence from an illness I was not cognizant about

                              And others didn’t fathom it either, I was constantly bombarded with shame and doubt

                A quote un-quote shy, tensed, quiet girl

                              That’s what many perceived me as, oh what an ignorant world

                And I wasn’t immune to the ignorance,

                              I played a part in that role

            But there was lack of information

                              Regarding what I now know

          There were heavy times in school

                            For not meeting everyone’s standards

And I still can reminisce on all the mocking and laughter
                        I specifically remember always sitting in class

      And wanting to participate, but the anxiety wouldn’t let me raise my hand

                    And I remember the pen in my hand
Students across from me proclaiming, “dang girl, stop writing so fast”

                        I recall the tedious questions, why are you so shy? Why are you so quiet?

      Hearing that on a constant basis, was oh so extremely tiring

                        Tiring because I didn’t know what was going on deep down

    I was only a kid, and remember, I didn’t know what I know now

                          I still have the memories that haunt me

  Like sitting at a lunch table, appearing as if I was petrified to eat

                          And others would question, why do you look scared?

    I could not reply, so I would just stare

                        Their words smacked me with shame,

  And left my mouth locked

                        Confusion, Embarrassment, resides in my thoughts

I would want a drink, from the vending machine

      But those anxious thoughts, begun to suffocate me

I’d get up and pass, so many students
Nervous to the point, I would rather be in ruins
        I would sit back down, and the question returned

Why you’re so shy? That question burned
          The guilt cut me hard, and I just could not sip

The thing that I wanted, that one tasty drink

              I pushed it aside, this couldn’t be life

  And I can recall report cards, I always did well

                        in classes

  But one discomforting comment from teachers turned my confidence to ashes

                  It was always, she is so quiet, she is so reserved

Every time when reading that, I covertly felt the hurt

                Because it would always remind me of my flaw

  It was unknown anxiety, covered and all

                Let's take a ride to Washington Heights, the hood I grew up in

  Oh, the memories that randomly visit me, then the shame begins

                  Subconsciously wanting others to fill my unknown void

  Doing reckless, ingenuous things

                    Forgive me, I didn't mean to annoy

  Acting like a child, & always speaking rapidly and quick

                I glance at my past now; I didn't know I was sick

  Apprehensive of neighbors’ sly mental judgments

            Didn’t properly conversate at times, Anxiety left me reluctant

  And I also recall, becoming dizzy in streets,
Invasion of nerves, took over my being

            At times, I stood up, in the middle of night, and begun to purge, the demons inside

I lost much great weight, I was shocked and surprised

              I’d come home from school, and not say a word

Would go straight to bed, depression occurred

Fast forwarding, I have a diagnosis

            I am a socially anxious person, A naive kid didn't know this

  I look at past behaviors, and now a lot makes more sense

              It was a hidden mental illness that left me in distress

  And even lack of experience played a major part in my savageness

          Who knew a mental disorder could interfere with maturity & with what one did?

  Individuals always claiming, "Oh, she's so innocent and naive"

          It's peculiar an anxiety disorder did this to me

  But now I have wisdom, now I have strength

          I have gained much experience, on life's various subjects

  Do you think you can play me, or take advantage again?
              Dig information out of me, without my consent?

  I've grown and I've learned, I am not who I was then

              But I’m smarter now, I understand why you did what you did

She’s a sharp-eyed warrior, Her epithet? Label her a detective

                You would not even guess my passions & interests now

You would not even guess, the things I know now

              And  I realize now, you had insecurities yourself

So, it was always a competition, to see who did well

                But we all have our demons, so I have nothing against you

Everyone deals with things; times are happy & times are blue

                  You also had voids, you needed fulfillment

Trying to impress others, as if they could they fill it

                    Give me a break, people will tear you like paper

You worship the creature, rather than the creator

                      I’m not better than you & you’re not better than I

We come from the same God, who produced darkness and formed light

                      We’ve all met pain; we’ve all met hurt

And it never fails to remind me, that sometimes you win & sometimes you learn

                I still have certain traits, that the Lord blessed me with

    I'll use it for good, and I'll use it for Him

              Wise as a serpent, and gentle as a dove

    This girl you see now is not who she was

              That Kim from the past strolled out the door

      That Kim from the past is not me anymore ✌🏻

— The End —