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I'm just a silly girl
Daisies in my hair
Nails of pink
Sunkissed cheeks
***** feet
I open my eyes
Quick glance
I am an old woman
With pearls..
The pain in me
I give to thee.
The hurt I feel
I cannot deal.
My heart and soul
Put into a bowl
Can be shattered,
Or squashed like batter.
I see stars above
And it feels like love
But it is not love,
It is a dove.
Flying high in the sky
Waving its wing, goodbye.
A bullet stray
Love goes away
Saying one last goodbye
Love now die.
Somewhere deep inside
Despite this new openness
I still feel alone
Something I realized at 3 am while drawing a picture I couldn't get out of my mind.
 Oct 2018 Jessica Raven
 Oct 2018 Jessica Raven
the feeling
of 11pm
on my skin
while lavender
encases me
is the dream
I stay awake for
before actually
going to sleep
the love of a night owl.
Last night I enjoyed a lot .
I am still  craving for u ,
If you listen closely , you can feel my heart moaning .
Brought u so close .
To lay my lips and
The flavour of  yours ,
I can still feel them .
Right now you are the one I need
You have become my greed .
Just thinking about you, makes my heart go melt .
U have made me addicted .
You have become my drug .
Bad day , bad mood , tough time
But I feel better , with you by my side .
I need u desperately ,
I miss your touch on my lips
The satisfaction from you is unmatched .
Now I am deeply attached .
I miss you dearly ,
I need you ,
I want you ,
I love you so much .
For always u have made my heart fall for u .
My dearest # ice- cream .
                 ~Suhas Ghoke

— The End —