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  Jun 19 prince
i cannot
and will not
for loving him

i mean

you would never expect
the moon
to apologize
for being attracted
to the earth
but i can promise
i’ll never collide
with him at night

i’ll just keep orbiting
prince Jun 19
i study, i study, i study
it over and over again
the words dance all in my mind
but still, over and over again
i fail to remember and to retain
i cant seem to remember anything these days, i think im losing my mind
prince Jun 16
burning log in a lonely fire place
the flame burns heavily and sweltering
the fire is hot, burning a hell pace
my aorta, veins, a pained, red hot tinge
unkempt rage paired with undying detest
a symphony, chorus of betrayal
undying, thud in my chest does not rest
a song of white lies, your anthem for all
so where does my feelings fit in all this?
a deep void of explosions and colours
a feeling of euphoria, i miss
with every flutter, my heart gets duller
as long as you live, i hope you see through
see your heart, its nature cold, hard and cruel
  May 27 prince
if you stop thrashing
for long enough,
i swear you can hear the ocean say

i’m trying to make you a swimmer

so that you have a reason
to come back

i often think life
is trying to **** me,
when in fact it’s just
making me strong enough
to stick around for
a really ******* long time

what doesn’t drown you
makes you a swimmer
  Nov 2019 prince
Angel Carstairs
you drink a little too much ...
and try a little too hard ...
and you go home to a cold bed
and think 'that was fine'
but you are so brave ...
and so quiet
i forget
your suffering
prince Oct 2019
i am scared of home
i am scared of coming to
a home without you
i feel like writing haikus
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