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prince Nov 2022
I’ve never seen someone sleep so peacefully.
I’m watching him now, just occasionally glancing.
Nothing odd, he’s just in my sight.
A peculiar face, carved beautifully.

I’ve never met someone ive struggled to read
As much as the person I’m sitting by.
I look into his eyes, and I can’t just cant tell.
His deep mind, I want to pull out and pry.

I wonder how he feels, about this and everything.
Perhaps I ask too many questions, maybe too curious.
I want to know how he feels about that, you know.
If he felt the same, like something serious.

I guess I could always ask, but I will admit I’m cowardly.
But just with these things, they can be difficult.
My chest hurts a little as I write this, beating loud.
Sleep deprivation, to get as much time as possible.

I wonder if that’s why he stays up till sunrise.
When its just us two and the moon.
I just want to know what he thinks, how he feels.
I may rot if I don’t find out soon.

I’m already craving more, is that bad?
He is still asleep, I’m waiting for him to wake.
I wonder what he will say
And from this, what will we make?

The draw is strong, like a magnet.
I wonder if he senses the same.
Our cosmic energies align perfectly.
Like a spark waiting, ready to burst into flame.

He looks at me across the fire
And it makes me nervous
I wonder what he sees
Anything deeper? Or only just the surface?

This is different, this is completely new
For once, I don’t know where he will take me
If I take this leap, I will have no clue.
prince Nov 2022
I am in quite a predicament, you see
There are new textures I can feel
This corduroy feels soft to me
The moment is only now and only real.

I melt into warmth, and only warmth
Carpet is the only way I can describe this
Patterned and aligned but soft
My fingers weave a pattern with each kiss

The taste of a smoker
A familiar taste, knowing and real
It does not bother me
A strange sense of intimacy I can feel

Lingering touch, further reaches
A gentle holding of the fingers
I think about it for too long
A bit too long

This kiss is different, and that is new
Lips match, perfect in time
A warm tingle, a passionate pull
Something I have longed to feel

I suppose I’ve started to write poetry again
That’s how I know its ******
Because now I’m in my feelings
And hard decisions ****.
not planned just how i feel right now
  Jun 2020 prince
i cannot
and will not
for loving him

i mean

you would never expect
the moon
to apologize
for being attracted
to the earth
but i can promise
i’ll never collide
with him at night

i’ll just keep orbiting
prince Jun 2020
i study, i study, i study
it over and over again
the words dance all in my mind
but still, over and over again
i fail to remember and to retain
i cant seem to remember anything these days, i think im losing my mind
prince Jun 2020
burning log in a lonely fire place
the flame burns heavily and sweltering
the fire is hot, burning a hell pace
my aorta, veins, a pained, red hot tinge
unkempt rage paired with undying detest
a symphony, chorus of betrayal
undying, thud in my chest does not rest
a song of white lies, your anthem for all
so where does my feelings fit in all this?
a deep void of explosions and colours
a feeling of euphoria, i miss
with every flutter, my heart gets duller
as long as you live, i hope you see through
see your heart, its nature cold, hard and cruel
  May 2020 prince
if you stop thrashing
for long enough,
i swear you can hear the ocean say

i’m trying to make you a swimmer

so that you have a reason
to come back

i often think life
is trying to **** me,
when in fact it’s just
making me strong enough
to stick around for
a really ******* long time

what doesn’t drown you
makes you a swimmer
  Nov 2019 prince
Angel Carstairs
you drink a little too much ...
and try a little too hard ...
and you go home to a cold bed
and think 'that was fine'
but you are so brave ...
and so quiet
i forget
your suffering
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