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Emily Fitch May 2015
isn't it funny how
one soul can feel
the heat
the connection
the link between them and the other

and the other can feel just
Emily Fitch May 2015
when I look into your eyes
i notice that theres something missing
and I lay in my bed thinking of
how things would be if
every time i looked into your eyes
nothing was missing
Emily Fitch May 2015
sometimes theres this one thing that
you're so anxious to have
always waiting for it
counting down the seconds until you get it but

when you do theres
theres this feeling like
you don't really need it anymore

you don't really want it anymore
Emily Fitch May 2015
You looked at me
like was your world
like you never wanted to look away
but you did, look away, and left me here
by myself wondering if you ever felt the same
Emily Fitch May 2015
getting closer to the beach
we sit on the shore at midnight
where the water can't reach

we look up at the stars
twinkling along the moonlight
forgetting our scars

as more appear
we open beautiful
sweet-sounds to our ears

watching the waves
run up onto the shores
oh the look we gave

but then they called us away
and we went even though
i wanted to stay

but it didn't end there
because you called me
and we talked
all night
Emily Fitch May 2015
and little by little you'll start to see
just how much you mean to me
  May 2015 Emily Fitch
Depression is like quick sand
You don't know you've walked right into it
Until you start sinking
And you can't get out
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