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  Jul 2015 Give a little love

Rise O’ sun, please come and rise
Bring your light to morning skies
In pastel colors, pink and red
So she will wake this weary bed
And I may see her beauty true
Illumined by the glow of you
I long to gaze her perfect eyes
*So rise O’ sun, please come and rise
Good morning Beautiful
Even the greatest of treasuries
Cannot hold all of my memories

But that one flower is different.

Once you smell his mysteries
It stays in you, for centuries.
For all of Lilacs - keep being awesome!
And for you <3
By give a little love ;*
His heart is made of pure altruism
His soul is made of bright mercy
His mind is made of strong will
His deeds are right and just
His words are wisdom
He's made of love
My own love
Just for
My type of a true Hero.
by Give a little love ;*
At dawn from misty mountains he came.
A thunder from the blue! his name.
"Seiran" a thunder in the misty mountains at dawn from Japan,
if that isn't cool I don't know what is.
Love you! ;*
endurance, fortitude,
talent, moderation, discipline,
capability, effectiveness, skill, strength,
influence, cunning, adaptation,
power, ignorance,
"Patience" by Give a little love. ;*
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