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30.0k · Jul 2015
"Platonic love"
Heart in embraces of a platonic love is the most highest form of
affection we share with another person.
It is because one will jump into the fire for his love,
knowing that the only kiss he'll get may be a kiss of death.
For all the friendzoned people in the world. You are awesome!
25.6k · Jul 2015
"A lovely obstacle"
When you come across a Brick "the wall",
Don't hesitate!
Kiss him!
Maybe he's not so bad at all?
Every obstacle in our life can be defeted with a little love :D
16.6k · Jul 2015
"Patience" (Diamante)
endurance, fortitude,
talent, moderation, discipline,
capability, effectiveness, skill, strength,
influence, cunning, adaptation,
power, ignorance,
"Patience" by Give a little love. ;*
12.2k · Jul 2015
"The scent of Lilacs"
Even the greatest of treasuries
Cannot hold all of my memories

But that one flower is different.

Once you smell his mysteries
It stays in you, for centuries.
For all of Lilacs - keep being awesome!
And for you <3
By give a little love ;*
9.9k · Jul 2015
Snowdrops are like little white warriors
They just march up front fearlessly
straight through the snow
To see the sun
once more
I know the season isn't right
but I just love the snowdrops :D
They are the cutest thing you can imagine. ;*
6.6k · Feb 2016
Every man's a sailor.

Endlessly sailing across the black sea
Hoping that one day we'll be set free
Lying on a white shore beneath a palm tree.
Will you sail with me?
4.5k · Jul 2015
Kindness is like spring
If you let her grow
you're gonna get
some flowers.
Spring is the best season ever! :D
sorry for the change in the poem,
but I think it is better that way.
Love you! ;*
1.9k · Jul 2015
"My Hero" (Nonet)
His heart is made of pure altruism
His soul is made of bright mercy
His mind is made of strong will
His deeds are right and just
His words are wisdom
He's made of love
My own love
Just for
My type of a true Hero.
by Give a little love ;*
1.7k · Jul 2015
"Queen of Poetry"
She's the purest of lights on the heavenly firmament
She's like the shining star, a beautiful golden ornament
She's the hope you feel in the air, our highest monument
She's like a poet, with a feather in her hand as an armament
She's the spirit of a new beginning, on a white shore obelisk
She's like the essence of our dreams, our private novelist
She's our mindowner, our thoughts monopolist
She writes from bottoms of our hearts
She writes from the tips of our wings
She writes straight from the skies
All hail the queen!
the queen,
of poetry.
"Queen of Poetry" by Give a little love.
I was trying to make a heart from letters,
and that's the closest I could get.
Love you! ;*
1.4k · Apr 2016
"Brief moments"
Moon and Sun intertwined by gentle light,
One's too bright, one's too shy to shine.
Both waiting to greet the sweet night
Reunite, low on the horizon line,
Accompanied with the sounds
of wine.
In appreciation of all things. - The author.
1.1k · Sep 2015
"Liar and Lover"
In feelings
liar and lover
are equally true

*"I will always love you"
By GivealittleLove ;*
943 · Jul 2015
"Seiran" (Crystalline)
At dawn from misty mountains he came.
A thunder from the blue! his name.
"Seiran" a thunder in the misty mountains at dawn from Japan,
if that isn't cool I don't know what is.
Love you! ;*
901 · Jul 2016
"Creator" (Haiku)
Spark, fiery tempest
Amid trees dances wildly
Creating new ash.
"Creator" by Givealittlelove
Sorry for the wait ;*
843 · Feb 2016
Life is a game played by imaginary gods.
It came to me at work ;)
818 · Jul 2015
This mesmerizing feeling always has its start in your mind,
Then it goes to your eyes and opens them wide.

Next, through your spine to the heart where your will lies,
That is the power to conquer the skies.

When it is done it goes to the tips of your toes and fingers,
This is the way to change the world, a way of a freethinker.
From now on you are the fire bringer!
by Give a little love ;*
684 · Jul 2015
"Little prelude"
A moment of a sunshine in winter
Is like little prelude for spring.

A moment of a smile in sadness
Is like little prelude for life.
My first poem! yay! :D
644 · Jan 2016
"Modern Life"
We live and we die, life is only passing us by
We sleep when we live we sleep when we die
Life is only passing us by.

We dance we dance around and around
We dance till dawn and we dance till dusk,
We live we live and then we die
Life is only passing us by.

We work we work from six to six
It's always a funny mix,
We work to live we live to work
At least you have a fork.

We live we live we die we die
You've seen some grass
You've seen some sky
It's time for you to...

*Life is only passing us by.
Do not live like that, please.
588 · Dec 2015
"Add a poem"
Maybe later ;*

— The End —