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Jace Albine Sep 11
To weird to fit in
To normal to not belong
Jace Albine Sep 2
The love
That people
Are made of
Jace Albine Jul 12
O me, oh my

The scent of burning sandalwood
beside the people’s transcribe

Not a care is given
By the by and by

Good god
Bad god

Sometimes it’s felt like more than enough

Doors are closing
Faster then you think

Move swiftly
Life’s a briefly drifting breath

And to all those who have believed
I’m more than enough assured of

Everly after’s awe-inspired day
Jace Albine Jun 28
The idea I get.
The sensations are lost.
Maybe there will be a time in the future
Where I don't feel so crossed.
Jace Albine Jun 26
Draw me a—new.
Jace Albine Jun 18
The power within always understands
Its all knowing vincible existence
Our lives ride upon the surface of lands
The matter condensed to this point, its stance

I am thinking a thought within its choice
The thought is contained and held within me
I hear the voices, the voices rejoice
There remains a place where all things must be

I think a thought I thought I once had thought
There is a start where all beginnings roam
At my door a stranger, trice timed, yet knocked
We figure out what there is to have known

I realize excruciatingly slow
That somethings lie; inevitably so
Jace Albine Jun 17
While I’m still finding myself.

And where were you?

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