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Jace 3d
A gift so great
You can not give it up
Jace Aug 10
Hell, we're all there.
Heaven, Can't we be somewhere else?
Jace Aug 5
(A meaning less image)

If a picture said a thousand words,
Then I'd write a thousand pictures,

Each one would contain one syllable less then the last
Just so I could get to the nucleus

Of what it truly means to express
Jace Jul 29
Ten out of ten, one hundred percent, an A+ plus

whoops, I forgot the period.
Jace Jul 29
(Unless you want to ****)

Not trying is right up there within the top of regrets.

Hopefully you live a life,

One you will not want to forget.
Jace Jul 29
No one wants to see themselves die,
here we all are taking our own pictures.
Jace Jul 29
If I write misery you'd eat it up,
you'd chew until you couldn't chew,
you'd swallow wouldn't you?

When I write love you have none,
you just become to what you succumb,
several takes away from dumb.

I could chalk it all up to beauty,
but the score board will tell what's there
even without your interventions.

It knows even if you don't.
F this.
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