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 Sep 2016 Asim Javid
My desire
 Sep 2016 Asim Javid
When I look at you
It's like nothing I want except you
When you smile
Nothing else I want
When you enter
I never want you to leave
When you are happy
It's make me satisfied

But one day I know
       you too will notice me
                     It's my only desire
                            Not to get your love
                                  Just to get your
That's my desire
 Sep 2016 Asim Javid
In this story,

she’s made of only blood, flesh, and bone. Her pair of
white-hot eyes trail down polycarbonate
bodies like liquor over skin, yes, I’m moving to
New York next weekend. Yes, I’m very excited.
She’s a
simmering bowl of office clerk and
caesius veins, swimming, always swimming.

It’s not like she has a lot of *** or anything, though she
likes bodies against bodies and the smell of
salt and sweat and gasps and heaves and
the thrill. 40s jazz and pill-shaped
freckles; she pulls her sweater down over her hands,
tries to calm down a heart that'll never stop

God. Yes. Yes to whiskey, yes to the new car, yes to falling
asleep without eating dinner. It’s about the new, the news, the
ivy and the flowers and the way that roses are so beautiful and yet they are
covered in thorns and green is a very pretty color until
jealousy turns everything brown and rotten and it’s all about the

way Venus fly traps are so wonderful and so so cruel.
 Sep 2016 Asim Javid
The Willow
Every day I decide that you
were never meant to be.

Every night I write an antithesis
on that fact.

But I learned that sometimes hope isn't
holding onto the belief
that you will come back someday,
but that regardless of our time together,
there are happier stories in store.
 Sep 2016 Asim Javid
Nishu Mathur
Though I love those dark clouds
and though I love the rain -
how it brightened my heart
when the sun came out again

The sky - a sea of tranquility
as peaceful as could be
calm I felt when those warm rays
rested upon me

I'm sure I heard the roses laugh
saw carnations turn a richer hue
how could they but not smile
upon a sky so  blue

I saw the lake ripple merrier
in silver, copper streams
glistening with flowing joy
how it glimmered and beamed

Though I love those dark clouds
and I love the rain... I do
but how my heart gladdened today
for I can do with sunshine too

I hope the sun lingers long
shining through sheesham trees
for I love the way his rays rested..
so softly upon me
Yellow with white butterflies
Fluttering over the flowers
Big bee comes flirting with a buzz
Amidst my conversation with
Rose, the flower queen
Giggling of her friends being a response
Red whiskered bulbul sings vociferously
Please to meet you in our kingdom
Never beautiful but humble the black crow
Bringing some fruits honouring her guest
Wishing me hi from aloft the Sun
A pleasant morning with nature
Made my day a beautiful creation
 Aug 2016 Asim Javid
 Aug 2016 Asim Javid
I shut my eyes to block them out,
But their screams howl so ******* loud,
My nights turn sleepless,
My heart yearns sweetness,
Empty souls overdose,
Verities exposed.
Take me with you.
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