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Asad Hoosain Aug 2018
Sunsets sand and me
What do you have in mind
A retrospect of happiness
over the line
We lost in this fight
Sighing I see your sins
How about tonight ?
Serpentine dress
No glass left to break
I’m marking my zone,too long the hold
Every curve I’d caress
  is my taste
Undress unmeasure unsurp
Don’t put to waste
I push you in
You take me out
Oh the effort
Is that all it’s about
Skin lingers
You bring you Lana
I have my Audrey
I’ll hold on longer
Will carry all of them
Let time be on my side now
I’ll make you rain
You can blow,can roar
I’ll make you feel
Each thump in my veins
It’s okay
Night’s asleep now
Make my way
Asad Hoosain Aug 2018
Ominous whenever I'm in her contact.Her wavy replies is the texture that I crave more often than said.Her mischievous laughter is the sensuous essence to my addiction.Dragging smoothly,she inhales a burning presence of my needy fervour .The smoke that hovers from her lucious lips all the way into my senses is simply inexplicable...The way she addresses her thoughts,appeals yet applies to no one else .
Caressing a smile,she wields a potential hazard that just happens to circumcise even the most complex of expressions into a mono syllabic justification.
Lurking behind the vague fumes of a lonesome demeanour ,she lusts, yearns for an iota of forethought that seems to pierce through her gaze every time she ventures out into the wild ,becoming a puppet than a master to the world she's surrounded in .
Call it unfortunate or deceiving,but what comes next is rather blessed than besieged...

— The End —