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 Nov 2017 Anonymous
Lily X
 Nov 2017 Anonymous
Lily X
I wake up aching.
Most days.
My body sore from bruises camouflaged as smiles.
Sore from the elephant that has found its home on my chest.
Aching from my lead-filled heart and my poisoned arteries.
But my body is persistent.
It grips onto life with its bony claws, grasping pathetically at signs of hope.

Just give up already.
For a friend who thought they were alone.
 Nov 2017 Anonymous
Expecting you to be there
Expecting you to care
Is exhausting
As I get lost in the echo
Of your hollow words
Whispers of emotions
You didn’t feel

Telling others of first sight
and first touch
but truly not recalling them

I became the victim
Of your “three word lie”
As I feel my heart die
knowing you can never
knowing you will never

Feel the way I felt
when I looked into your eyes
 Jul 2016 Anonymous
Just Melz
Will you watch me as I soar,
Stare into space as I disappear?
Will you love my memory,
After I'm no longer here?
Will you sketch an image into time,
And frame it on your wall?
When I finally fade away,
Will you catch me as I fall?
Is it too much to ask,
For you to float by my side?
Can you never let me go,
And if you fail, will you still try?
Can you take me higher,
Than just an endless journey?
Can you take me higher,
Than what you've already done for me?

— The End —