Hanna 2d
Everything halts,
the world stops turning,
even the air holds its breath
as you say those words,

“We’re done,”

and take your warmth with you as you walk away.

The seconds start ticking again.
Hanna 3d
You are the dark side of the moon.

Black and cold
and mysterious and intriguing.
My legs ache to wander you, my eyes yearn to search for you, my head is crazy at the thought of you.

My fingers dance the line of light.

But when I get there,
it’s just the same.
Hanna 3d
Is it strange?
Having your fiery anger burn you?

Does it hurt?
Feeling your iciness freeze your heart?

Are you happy?
Now the bridges are rubble and you stand alone.

Because I am.
Hanna Feb 12
i said
do not be afraid of my words
be afraid of me
for i am the one who puts the power in them.
Hanna Jan 25
a word
that steals the breath from my throat
erases my mind
claws at my heart.

a hand
that crushes my hope
obliterates my feelings
striking me into oblivion.

an eye
that closes my mouth
and lowers my head
Hanna Jan 14
I think I miss the thought of you
more than you, in all of your

I miss the you that you pretended to be.
The you that danced with me on the roof
until 3am, not needing any alcohol,
we were drunk on each other.

I miss the you that, in a moment of vulnerability,
whispered the words that circled round your brain.

I miss the you that used to love me.
Because I still love him.
Hanna Jan 13
You’d think I’d get used to this.
In a way, I guess I have.
My solitude brings me solace.
Being two halves.

You take a piece of me each time you leave.
Until all I’m left with is despair.

I know your back better than I know your face.
The face that I spent hours studying.
Wondering, how did I end up here?
Sitting on the floor of a bathroom, crying.
There’s no one to answer my thoughts.
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