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Hanna Sep 26
And that lilt in your voice,
it makes me want.
For what, I know not,
but I ache with desire.
Some pit, with an event horizon bigger than my size.

I hurt from memories that seem blurred,
another life, maybe,
or just an apparition of within.
I'm hardly bound by time anymore,
the present feels like the past forgotten
and it dissolves into history.

You may be my only anchor.

And though I'm wet and cold and mostly gone when you find me,
you offer only a warm blanket
and sing to me, warm as midday, comforting as light.
Hanna Sep 7
Anger like a raised fist
just wait 'til it hits,
there's a sick satisfaction,
watching its kinesis.

Sadness like tsunami,
watch me cry calmly,
there's a sick satisfaction
in pushing me darkly.

Joy, body of water,
dirt for your slaughter,
there's a sick satisfaction
in worshipping at your altar.
Hanna Sep 7
I'll swallow your past
that you spit at at me,
because exploding
is better than hearing inner plea.

I'll muffle your cries
in the form of supernova,
because I'm just
one more crutch you grab at, beyond coma.

I'll never throw it back,
not intentionally
because I know
I have to treat this delicately.


Do you want to stay scattered?
Blow away like the ashes that plague your mind?
I can't blame you,
but you know I do.
Hanna Aug 17
Because you're smart, right?
Pretty charming, right?
Love the way the wind whispers and the rain cries.
Love things other than what Girls like.

Because you like bare face, right?
They're a carbon copy, right?
But you, you're a gem in the rough, undiscovered.
You, you're a lifeform with all of nature's secrets.
You, you're much better. [Right?]

You, you're different than those other Girls,

Hanna Aug 17
And of course, it was in vain.
I guess it's good to have my feet touch the ground again.
But I miss that feeling of air.

And of course, I stumbled.
My weightlessness gave way and crumbled.
I don't bleed when I fall.

And of course, I knew it.
Heart so big, I outgrew it.
And swallowed up the light.

And of course, the descent aches my bones and breaks my will.
Hurts me dearly and yet, still,

I let myself tumble down into the Earth
and wait until I next can touch that sky.
Hanna Jul 23
Lord affection over my head.
Because, of course, to be loved I have to beg.
Hold your words like knives in your mouth,
I hope that they cut you before they come out.

And tell me I'm wrong,
that I have to refine my edges to belong.
Because your picture cannot deal with my ochre,
because you can't deal with mediocre.

And tell me I'm less,
that I must compress
and acquiesce
to even access
an increment of success
because I'm such a mess

Hanna Jul 23
It's in the dark
where I disintegrate,
become the shadows that cover me.
I fill the room
and touch every surface
with a kind of empty love.
I take a shaky breath
and the walls expand,
curving under the weight of my life.
I become a piece of the abyss,
of the nothingness,
and I find it oddly soothing.
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