Hanna 5d

you call me crazy,
but fantasy
is better than
what life has given me.

- H
Hanna 6d
I broke every bone in my body
to reach out and hold your hand
and you just let
Feeling a bit down
Hanna Oct 7
Underneath the water, I can barely feel my fingertips.
A cold so deep, my breaths solidify in my lungs.
The water vibrates and ripples with the sound of my slowing heart.
Something in me won’t give up, won’t give in, even though I will it to.
I pray it to. I beg it to.

Who am I fighting?
The tide? The current? Myself?
The glimmer of your face reflecting down, down, down to where I lie?

But when I reach out a hand to caress your watery skin, you disperse into murky green.
Hanna Sep 25
As I watch the sun trail behind the hills,
painting them black with her absence,
as I watch the sky blur azure with sunflower-yellow
and the hint of ivory clouds, subtle as an afterthought,
I wonder,
how many eyes are watching this spectacle with me?

I realise,
something doesn’t have to be observed and picked apart and validated to be beautiful.
I know it’s beautiful. And that’s enough.
Hanna Sep 25
A stumble, a trip, a slip...
a push?
I’m sorry if you want to dive,
tumble down through the night.
Go out with a bang,
just to leave this decaying land.
The air weaves through your hand,
your fingers, your hair.
It’s a touch you never felt or believed was there ‘til now.

I’m sorry if you feel like falling,
but I feel like catching.
Hanna Sep 21
You cut out my eyes because you liked them so much,
did you overlook how they rolled at your touch?

You liked the way my hair curled around your fingers,
so you tugged until it no longer lingered around my neck.

My voice was silk and sweetness to you, so you ripped out my chords as my throat turned blue.

i realise now you never loved me

What’s the difference between like and love?
They say if you like a flower, you pick it and take it home.
If you love it, you water it, you nuture it.
You don’t pull it from all it has ever known.

You don’t break it down until you’ve stolen everything it ever liked about itself.

i realise now you never loved me.
Hanna Sep 8
I have words in my head.
Bold, italic, capitalised.
They weigh down my brain with their heavy meanings.

They tick in the night.
They grind their gears when morning comes.

They exist in darkness.

I pour them out, those misshapen letters, onto someone else’s body.
I fill the white with their blackness until I’m just a little bit lighter.
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