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The sad part is when you're scared to be in love with someone
Even if you haven't been hurt before
Because you know in the end it'll break your heart.
Angela Gregorio Sep 2018
I love how I listen to songs and not dedicate it to you

I love how everytime I’m alone im not thinking about you

I love how rain just pour and not thought of you

I love how the same scent of you just passes through

But most especially I love how I’m starting to forget you
Angela Gregorio Apr 2018
This time it's not the sadness that's keeping me awake at night
But it's the responsibility I have to face in the morning
Angela Gregorio Mar 2018
I was certain I'm on the right track
But there were footsteps that are to visible not to notice
As I continue my way
She was holding my hand
and it felt Warm and I was glad

- H e r
Angela Gregorio Feb 2018
Solitude is here
But I am barely closer
It has filled the air
Angela Gregorio Feb 2018
I cried myself to sleep last night
Feeling a little empty inside
All of my tears have dried
For a reason I couldn't deny

What's the reason of my existence ?
Why I am breathing in this instance ?
Where could I find my alliance ?

Or just accept the fact that I'm the island
#Lost #Existence #Will
Angela Gregorio Nov 2017
Noong araw na umamin ka
Pikit matang sinabing, gusto kita
Meron akong biglang nadama
Dapat nga bang ipakita?

Habang nakikinig sa iyong tinig
May pagaalinlangang nadinig
Tama nga bang making
Sa nilalaman ng aking dibdib?

Binigyang pagkakataon
Sinubok natin ang kahapon
Ngunit bakit ganoon
Di ko na alam ngayon

Takot akong aminin sa sarili
Na baka ako'y nagkamali
Pero mas takot akong aminin
Na baka ako'y nakasakit

Gusto kitang palayain
Dahil di kita kayang yakapin
Bigyang paumanhin
Hindi nais ika'y paasahin
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