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Land Raccoon Jan 2015
Anoche lloré mientras te recodaba
Y recordé las noches que pasamos juntos
En las que no tenía que atraer al gato, que ya bastante me odia, hasta mis pies para no tener frío.
Anoche recordé también la noche en que dijiste que te irías para siempre y lloré desconsolado.
Luego vinieron a mis ojos las lágrimas de aquella otra en la que regresaste,
en la que te ayudé a cargar tus maletas,
en la que juntos acomodamos mi espacio que se convirtió en nuestro
y las palabras dulces que dijimos optimistas sobre el futuro.
No pude detenerme hasta recordar todas las noches que despiertos o dormidos pasé tranquilo a tu lado,
en las que reímos,
en las que bailamos,
en las que gozamos,
en las que nos conocimos y reencontramos.
Las noches en las que te besé,
ésas fueron las mejores por sobre todas.  
Y al final me quebré porque esta noche,
como las que sigue, estoy solo.
Y me quedo repasando todos esos recuerdos y lloro,
te juro que lloro.  
Pero has de saber que entre lágrimas se escuchan también risas,
porqué si hay algo que me hace enteramente feliz,
es amarte,
es recordarte.
Land Raccoon Apr 2015
Erase me
Erase me from your mind
Erase me from your mouth
That no trace remind in your life of my faults and mistakes
Don't ever fell bad for how the things were
Don't ever regret of what you do
Because you haven't loose at all
Give me the reason and make me apart
Prove that I'm right
That the best decision I took it was to make me apart
‘Cause there is no good that would bring if I stayed
Leave for me to be a child
Leave for me the prays to the gods for a second time
Leave for me the remind you and the love you
Leave for me the selfpity, the shame and the tears
The maybes, the regrets and the agony
The nights without sleep and the blurred days
The melancholy of not having you for the rest of my life
You be the sane in this
You be the wise
'Cause all I can think is that It's a shame that life is too short
That there isn't a second time
That this is all we can do
And I ******* it all
So prove that I am right in this
That this is the best for you
And forget all about me
Land Raccoon Feb 2015
I barely remember,
When we get together?
How it start?
Did you just get inside?

Maybe I was expecting your arrive
I don’t know, I might be losing my mind
Whatever it was, it’s a fact that you came
And without a word you stay

We didn’t had a night
But thousands of mornings instead
Then I name you my spring
Like the one that Botticelli paint

You became my muse
You were my truth
And even when you left
You remain in my heart

What should I do now that you’re gone?
I’m growing old
And suddenly there’s no more words to describe
All the goodness you are

What should I said?
I never told you “stay”
Until now that you’re not the same
It's a shame, I guess

And who I am?
If not a fool with a worthless claim?
‘Cause even if I need you every day
There’s nothing for what to cry

When you walked away
You didn’t know
All the nonsenses I can’t shut up anymore
Words that would have meant before.
Land Raccoon Jul 2014
I hardly remember
the sensation of not care about something.
On these days,
I'm habituated to link every action
to one sincere purpose,
but not always has been like this.

You know me well,
I'm not a builder
but when you wanted one
I took my tools and made a bed for your dog.

You know me well,
I hate go out on bus in the morning
but the once you need me at 6:00 o'clock
I took three for arrive to your home.

You know me well,
I keep mistaking a lot,
and I'm still a liar and a coward.
But even knowing that
I can't not speak the truth to you
and I can't not fight for you.

But you may already know that
'cause you know me well.

— The End —