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Apr 2015
Erase me
Erase me from your mind
Erase me from your mouth
That no trace remind in your life of my faults and mistakes
Don't ever fell bad for how the things were
Don't ever regret of what you do
Because you haven't loose at all
Give me the reason and make me apart
Prove that I'm right
That the best decision I took it was to make me apart
‘Cause there is no good that would bring if I stayed
Leave for me to be a child
Leave for me the prays to the gods for a second time
Leave for me the remind you and the love you
Leave for me the selfpity, the shame and the tears
The maybes, the regrets and the agony
The nights without sleep and the blurred days
The melancholy of not having you for the rest of my life
You be the sane in this
You be the wise
'Cause all I can think is that It's a shame that life is too short
That there isn't a second time
That this is all we can do
And I ******* it all
So prove that I am right in this
That this is the best for you
And forget all about me
Land Raccoon
Written by
Land Raccoon
   savannah, R, ---, Ellie Shelley, Amira I and 1 other
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