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  Mar 2016 AminieMecho
Coleseph Nelzsun
Hope is a fire that life can put out
But it can be rekindled that I don't doubt
The first thing to do when you start to feel down
Is to accept your life for what it is right now
Right now you are aching and empty inside
You start to imagine how it may feel to die
You then take a look at the moon in the sky
Feel your heart beating let tears fill your eyes
Embrace the feeling even if bad
Because your alive and its life to be sad
Know that your different and that's what makes beauty
I assure you that no one feels quite what your feeling
Your soul is an artist that longs to be free
So don't hold it back, let it rage like the sea
Another piece I wrote when I had just overcome a stretch of depression.
  Mar 2016 AminieMecho
Lost in the faint, unsettled dust of wonder,
We become the chains that pull us under,
The architects of empty wishing wells,
Or the ghosts that haunt these cheap motels,
And as hope crumbled into ash and rust,
I was left with nobody but myself to trust,
Just the paranoia upon which we all depend,
And the sad songs where we met our end,
Still my heart kept dancing in unsteady code,
As I buried my pride by the side of the road,
Singing black sheep, bedroom, bells of war,
I still remember where you keep the floor,
And as their laughter fell apart like rain,
I was left with nobody but myself to blame,
Just the empty promises that we all pretend,
And the silence where we’ll meet our end.
AminieMecho Mar 2016
Before you play with fire think twice.
Suga how you get so fly?

Sweet talking lady so far from typical, would u please give me your time?

Life's sweet seconds pass on by
Times like these it's alright
Rescue me or move on
This is Blue
AminieMecho Mar 2016
How can any words I sing with speak louder than the melody within your own soul?

If you hear one note think back on this,
Let you remember that in silence living is recognized.

It is a giver, teacher. Stag.

How can me words speak louder than any thought u might have?

A well of fortune, confidence and poise it mounts the plains.

If u become satisfied with your needs, even if they go unfulfilled, let it rest your nerves.

Let the quiet be your support, it's tranquility heals, it's company can be a friend thru the season of greif, winter.

If you speak with no thought, you mind is unbalanced, and the fire of your hell is fueled by the fear for solitude you hold.

Sing a song, don't just be a witness. Then smile during the pauses between melodies.
AminieMecho Mar 2016
Long ago
the story began
One ***** in a vein
spun out rhymes
Of the insane

A sweet girl gone
She will not go far
The tip of a needle
Will curse who you are

His hands choked her blue
Voices drove him mad
The addiction won
He lost all he had

Behind bars
he waits for letters
His poems got a few 
So many unsent
Now no place to go
Letters lacking a recipent

She wanted it to pass by quick
The time without him
The last letter she stamped and addressed
She wonders if he got it
Or did her words shatter his reason to live
Is it why his neck was slit

She wants to know if he opened it before committing to suicide

Two blue roses on his grave
Nothing went right
No happily ever after
To end the night

Now which way to go? I sit and ponder
It no longer matters
After all, I'm destined to forever wonder.

The needle left its curse, on and on she goes, reaching no farther than her toes.
AminieMecho Mar 2016
Break me, then wash away my colors
I can't stop this sickness taking over
I can't fight this forever, save me take me over
I need a savour before I become my worst enemy
There's no colors to behold

— The End —