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  Aug 2017 Ami Shae
There's a ghost in the machine
A distant heartbeat
An echo
A recollection of tides pulled by the rhythm
Of the moon
A lunar cycle
Of leaves swirled
And now settled
By the whisper
Of the breeze
A message repeated
But not audibly heard
Remembered and understood.
You are in the right place
Where you need to be
All you need now
Is to breathe and be.
Thank you everyone for the likes and comments, my poem being chosen as the Daily has made my day!! :0)
Ami Shae Aug 2017
Time hides from me anymore--
          I tried to invite it to stay
I've double locked the door
          so it won't get away--
but still, it eludes me
          and I keep wishing it would just come
and set me free...
           I'm beginning to feel
that time has no time
           for the likes of me.
Seems my time here is fewer and farther between...My life is in such chaos these days and I keep thinking I'll have time to come here to read, to write, but somehow time just keeps escaping my grasp! Someday I hope to spend more time here! Hope all of you are doing well and won't give up on me!
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