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Amber Dec 2018
im glad u didnt give me anything
because now that u left
i have nothing of u to hold on to

Amber Dec 2018
they were both broken
with many fragments to pick
some couldn’t be placed back
but her pieces could fit into his
they slowly assembled back the puzzle
and they were as a whole
no longer broken
however soon they left each other
with broken parts of each other
that will stay with them forever

Amber Dec 2018
lifes that once intertwined together
two persons mess that tangled as one
however the strings seemed to loosen and untangle
the knot that held them together untied
soon enough they distanced and let go

Amber Dec 2018
don’t forget me
ask me how i am every now and then
think of me sometimes
and miss me
u won’t forget me, will u?
i know i’m nothing to u anymore
but won’t u still
think of the things we did before
and smile?
sorry for still clinging on.
Amber Dec 2018
this diary isn’t for you to read anymore
so stop trying to pry it open
its locked,
and there’s a key for a reason.
stop acting like you know me
the truth is, you don’t.  
i could write down things about myself
and you could read them
but what about those that i don’t write
you don’t know me,
so don’t think you do.
i’m not an open book like you think i am
some chapters are meant to be kept hidden
and i don’t want you reading them.

i will be quite inactive (already am) sorryy its just that i don’t write poems as much now :(
He loved you
So don't you ever think that
He's only playing with your heart
You are important to him
It's not true that
He broke your heart
Because you know for sure that
You are more than enough for him
It's not true that
He's loving someone else,
He left you,
He chose someone else,
Because the truth is
His heart beats for you alone
Don't ever think that
Anytime he's willing to let you go
The truth is
He'll love you until eternity
Don't ever think that
He's lying.
Believe me,
This is the truth.

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