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Amaya Danzy Apr 2016
There is always someone over there in the corner
maybe it's just a dresser
and maybe it's just me.
Amaya Danzy Mar 2016
My love is not the overwhelming kind.
It doesn't devour my insides and corrode my thoughts.
It creeps silently along the edges of my brain,
attacking at moments of weakness.
Amaya Danzy Mar 2016
As the blood runs down the drain
I begin to wonder why me?
Why this life?
A life full of saddens and fake smiles.
No one notices the darkness when you try to shed light.
But the shadows always win.
The creep around the edges and close in.
When they take over, darkness is all that is left.
Everyone can see what you've been trying to hide.
They don't care, though.
They know the sadness will leave this time.
But it didn't.
The darkness stayed until it suffocated me.
Leaving a shell of a person.
Why didn't they help me?
Am I not as good as their perfect daughter?
One wrong move and it all falls apart.
No one believes in you.
You're just a stupid *****.
No better than your mother.
As the blood dries,
so do the tears.
I want to run like a faucet,
letting everything out until I'm empty.
Amaya Danzy Jul 2015
Light a candle in the night for me
Hide it so no one else can see.
Save me from this drowning pool
People may say you're a lovesick fool.
Drag your knife across my heart
Poke and **** at me until I'm torn apart.
I may forget your face one day
But the memory of you will always stay.
Amaya Danzy Jun 2015
As the war rang out around us
We sat still.
We would not fight back
our silence is enough.
They try to put us in our place
but we will never fit into their box.
Our will is too strong.
Our brothers and sisters will continue to fight
until the very last breath.
We will fight with peace on our minds
but they fight with hate on their lips.
They will beat, bruise, and bury us.
Yet we will still carry on.
Even as our brothers die before us
we mustn't give up until this is
**equality for all.
Amaya Danzy Jun 2015
Into the night we fled,
only following the shadows ahead.
We no longer fear the dark
this is just an eclipse of the heart.
Amaya Danzy Jun 2015
Petals in the wind
Take me for a spin.
******* away
So the fears can't stay.

Grass grows greener
As her words turn meaner.
Sky stays blue
I'll keep true
Until the grave takes you.

Butterflies gather 'round
As my thoughts leave town.
Father doesn't care.
All he does is stare.

Leaves burn to a crisp,
Reminding me of all I missed.
You didn't protect me.
Never where you should be,
I was alone in this world
You only thought of me as a little girl.

Ray beams of sun.
Look what you've done.
I can't be fixed,
When your hearts in the mix.

Locked in my head
Every book I've ever read.
There's a story of a girl
Who couldn't handle the real world.

I made my own reality;
To deal with his harsh brutality.
Other children have toys,
But I only have head noise.

The people in my dreams
Make life better than it seems.
No one understands
Why I can’t deal with the demands.

Imagining helps me escape
From this terrible place.
All I had to do was make haste.
But my feet were made of past.
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