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 Oct 2015 Amanda Blomquist
I am January.
But you're better than snow.

You have enough light
to right the wrongs
done by the evil men
from a lifeline
to my favorite
spider's web

You lack the thickness
to right the wrongs I've
implicitly justified
as a nail to my fragile skin.

I'm heartless.

You are a pin
You may take my kin,
bleed, multiply,
and remain.

Take my soul
and leave him
to do nothing
but be.
I feel us drifting
Drifting further and further apart
The same current that brought us together
Is ripping us apart
I'm going one way
And you're going the other
And there is nothing I can do to stop it
So I just sit there watching
Grieving the loss of you
Because I know its coming
I keep swimming towards you
Never giving up
But in the end I'm only hurting myself more
Because your still drifting
Terra firma sprout micro cosmic breath.
Birth of opportunity, a shift from dis-ease towards immunity.
From ill tongued venom come rain drop detoxification, through the depths of these roots immeasurably extended.
Elixir drip clarity, sweet kilig remedy.
Our ancient lineage contains folds encapsulating hidden wisdom
unfurling at the weathered edges.  
Curling inwards in attempt to direct us to the origin.  
Deposits of insight lie within our bloodline,
spiraling beside genetic codes we have carried through lifetimes.  
The quickening has arrived,
through comprehension acceleration and universal language of Love translations.  
Verdant roots nourishing, allowing spiritual nutrients to enhance our brilliance.  
We are
Telluric creatures:Natural teachers
essential to the transfusion of energy between the moon and the sun
We are
the ones, responsible for our is-ness magnification
outgrow foundations we have constructed to keep ourselves from seeing past this self inflicted ceiling.  
It has withheld us from feeling anything beyond this consumeristic dogma implanted in our society,
force feeding us its enigmatic conditioning.  
Detach pre-determined thinking to allow this ever-flowing journey of contemplating mysteries,
abolishing worries of fear in the becoming.  
It takes courage to assert ones self beyond what we have been taught,  
to unlearn ready made thought and rewrite our own scriptures.
Our ligaments are sacred scrolls awaiting our blessing, allowing them to unfold  
leaving lacuna spaces for existence to experience traces of our essence.  
Children of mother earth in collaboration with father time,
the genesis of this breath has appointed us as divine,
intertwined into a perfected geometric composition, we are creation curators of this generation
woven into synthesis,
mastered with our gift of presence,
god-head recollection.
It hurts when i breathe
It burns when i see
All of me-

Ashes scattered to the sea

No matter the pattern
You wear on your sleeve
I fall down dead
And wake relieved

Ashes, ashes
It's all ******* ashes

this house we've built,
The bodies we put inside,
Nothing stays alive

This feeling of godly emptiness
Will pass

The feeling of my hand on your back
Wont last

The past is here
Along with the next
Phrase i speak
Between nicotine therapy

The future is here
With the king and queen
To let loose a vermouth mixed
Drink of the unseen

The obscene lingers meaninglessly
With the scene

With the invisible host,
The holy ghost

The most i could ask
Is to feel the ground beneath my feet
Once more

To unlock familiar doors
In familiar places

And to greet familiar faces

I dont know you yet
But i knew you before

I dont know you yet
But i love you all the more,

For our cause and effect
Is defecting to the raw rocks
And wrecks
On the distant shore

Tell me once more,

Did i meet you just now
Or do i remember you from before?
Whispering moonlight
silence black night
A scream folded origami tight

So close
my moonlight
your dark fight

I'm cold
with feet still running

Soap my scratches
white flame my matches
my soul folded origami tight

so close my moonlight
repose your dark fight

I'm cold
with feet still running

so slow my branches
decay my dampness
blue skies they glow electric white
I don't want
To break anyone's heart.
And I am
By consequence
Of mending my own.
Let's get addicted to cigarettes
Together, darling-
And running too,
Because somehow
When I'm with you
Bettering myself
Is just as fun
As destroying myself

But whether I'm on
My third cigarette
Or my tenth mile;
Regardless of
Whatever leisure drive
We're taking,
Whatever joke
You're making-

Let's be together

For that drive, that cigarette
That run, that joke
Because I love sitting beside you
And hearing your laugh;
Seeing your smile:
You bring out the best in me-
Even when we're focusing on
Instead of running
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