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Natasha Bame
St.Paul/Minnesota/Earth    Tangled up in the romance of linguistics.
Poetry land   
Jimmy King
Athens, OH    "So now there's nothing left to wish upon Except for passing cars The cacophony of city lights Is drowning out the stars This park bench ...
Become less. Soli Deo Gloria.
U.K    Copyright ©2013-2023 simpleton
Sean C Johnson
AK    "In the cold dark night of the soul, it's always Three o'clock in the morning." -F Scott Fitzgerald
Courtney Joy
Along alone, Come one come all, We join and gather we frolic and fall Dancing to the same tune As I am me we are ...
Jane Doe
29    This is my diary, I'm letting strangers read it. All rights reserved.
Jon Tobias
San Diego    Jon Tobias is a sucker for love poems and romanticizes everything. He doesn't mean to, but it's what he does.
Morgan Mercury
24/F/North Carolina    that was then.
Ciara Ginelle
Raleigh, nc   
Lacus Crystalthorn
Disappear with me.
just north of ordinary    Under construction. Dreaming out windows. Want to hear me read it? Please visit: I have two eBooks on Amazon.
Natalie N Johnson
32/F/RI, United States    Dancer, writer, teacher, student.
27/Trans Male/The Secret Garden    Trying to sleep, but all I do is dream.
K Daniel Little-Paw
Some of these are songs, or parts of songs that I've written. Others are just random thoughts, random chicken scratchings, etc. If you like any ...
Emma Christina
Sad things, serenade me.
K Balachandran
Kerala, India    Poetry to me is self exploration that reveals submerged landscapes, otherwise one is unaware of.I love to read fiction and poetry.As a daily news journalist ...
allie downing
hello, i am Allie or Little Lion. i may be little but i will never be small, i am a lion so hear me roar. ...
Marissa Cooper
Cali Lumpur   
Geno Cattouse
california    I write to allow the off cadence drummer in me to find tempo and to bring to life the images that my hands can't put ...
Vincent Gandsey
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