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After a long long time I thought of opening the case
To see the broken bow hanging on the top side,
On the glossy brown body, loose bow strings slide.
Bridge collapsing under the wires is undeniable,
Strings bending to some unknown tune, unrecognizable.

After a long long time I thought of opening the case
Once, it was an instrument of love and affection.
With work, for me to learn and to master.
Over the time the passion is just gone,
Clutching and wondering what went wrong? 

After a long long time I thought of opening the case 
I hugged it tightly and I simply cried.
In a desperate need to rekindle my old flame.
I started to fit together the broken pieces,
I tried to mend the old bearings of neglect.

After a long long time I thought of opening the case 
While wiping down the dust it made me wonder.
Why we let the things we love to fall under?
As we grow old and time passes by,
Things we love the most, always pay the price.

After a long long time I thought of opening the case 
Few things we must hold on to in this life,
No matter if experiences teach you to strife.
I am learning not to forget the things I once loved,
They make you who you are, where you once belonged...
Love for music, love for life...
agalwithwords May 15
Swinging is on, swinging is down,
Rollercoaster of emotions on the round.
Few hours of rush when hormones are high,
Exhilaration in perspiration is touching the sky. 
Skin to skin, in a sense of belonging,
Wrapped around in arms, beyond comforting.
Temporarily masking the pain, forgetting that in the end,
In a month you will be gone, this is not for long.
Few hours of moan, few connections of soul,
That is all you need when life is short. 
It doesn't have to be meaningless,
Few moments of togetherness, to forget your loneliness.
Good friendship can be born on the spot,
Do not destroy it by expecting a lot.
Connection of souls and the energy,
Few moments all it needs to make the synergy...
Few connections are temporary, like this life
agalwithwords Aug 2018
I have not written anything since long,
Somewhere I have lost all the songs.
To rekindle my love for the rhyme,
Here is to my romance with an alpine.
I have been seeing you for some time,
Your beauty is just so sublime.
In summers or in winters,
You give me a special comfort.
When I step out of the door,
I turn around to see and adore.
No matter how I feel inside,
Looking at you fills me with pride.
In summers, I can see the dolerites,
Reminds me of the past it writes.
It screams with all its magnanimity,
To wear your scars with vanity.
In winters, whenever it snows,
And the cold air that flows.
Even though it makes me quiver,
I love the splendour it delivers.
The snow covered rocks on the top,
Makes you look like an old pop.
With your experience of ages,
It can fill up thousands of pages.
I will continue to admire you till the time,
You have welcomed me with a shine.
In a strange land of uncertainty,
You made me feel at home Kunanyi…
Whenever I look at you I fall in love...
agalwithwords May 2018
Hey, you Hooman,
Don't look at me that way
I am not gonna stay
Give me my food
And I will be on my way

I see you, and I come in
If I like, I start purrin'
For a belly rub I roll on
thus, I make you my pawn

I lick and scratch for my good
You find it to be so cute
You start talking like a baby
I think you are a fool and crazy

I am my own queen
I always keep myself clean
Don't be such a smug
I am the cutest ****

You think I may not care
My love is for the rare
When I decide to show
Then only you will know

I teach you to be you
Plenty of stories in every mew
Listen closely for your sake
Be yourself and don't be a fake....
Our neighbour's cat visit us everyday for a snack and some snuggles...
agalwithwords Jan 2018
You and I are miles apart,
Connected by our frail heart.
Long distance is so difficult,
When we both want to be together.
I know we eventually will find a way,
Desperately waiting for that day.
In you, I have finally found a home,
To call someone as my own.
You are everything that I ever wanted,
The universe has my wish granted.
The connection I feel when with you,
Keeping us together, it is the glue.
You have seen me at my best,
You have seen me in my unrest.
I hope we can beat the weather,
All I want is to grow old together.
Life can pour all its misery,
We will get through the mystery.
Your love gives me the wings to fly,
Sky is the limit, when it is you and I...
For him...
agalwithwords Jan 2018
After a very long day,
Dropping on the couch in dismay.
You let the ghosts haunt you,
Allow the tears to run through.
The black clouds above your head,
Follow you until you are dead.
Even if you do feel lonely,
You are never alone,
when you want to be.
Thousand thoughts running around,
Breaking you down to the ground.
We are always connected,
To the universe and the past,
Loved ones and those who passed.
So, when you get defeated by the scars,
Just look up and feel the stars.
The link we have to the universe,
Is like union of two lovers.
You are and will always be protected,
Never alone when you are  connected...
Fighting depression and anxiety...
agalwithwords Dec 2017
I am an alien in a foreign land,
Away from family and familiar sand.
I am awed  by the beauty of this place,
Learning their language and try to find some solace.
Though the sky and the water looks the same,
I can't call it as my own and not for me to claim.
I can feel the colour of the skin is different,
It is apparent so much, though it is irrelevant.
We all need food and air in the end,
In hunger the colour eventually blend.
Soon I will find a humble abode,
Till then I have to continue on the road.
The questions that brought me so far,
I hope to find the answers in southern star...
New city,  new country...
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