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Shewrites Jul 2018
You're my

In a world
Full of chaos
And pain.

You're the sugar
To my bitter tea

The milk to
My coffee

My comfort food
When anxieties
Of life kicks in

The lullaby
During my
Sleepless night.

Happy song
When I'm
Feeling down

Ear plugs
During the
roaring thunder

Squishy pillow
To hug when
I miss home

The jazz music
To calm my
Troubled soul

And the stars
That companies
Me during
My lonely nights.

You're my
Sweetest escape
The world
Could have offer

Shewrites Jul 2018
Maglalakad na
Ako palayo

Palayo sa
Mga ala-ala

Palayo sa

Palayo sa
Ating dalawa

Patungo sa
Lugar na

Wala na ang

Ikaw at Ako.
Shewrites Jul 2018
When we LIKE something
it gets to fade over time.

But, LOVE on the other hand doesnt,
When the moment
Of circumstances come
Love never cease to fade
To the point
You would do anything
to fight for it.
And would sacrifice everything
Even the cost
Is life itself.

Shewrites Jul 2018
Ipunin mo sa tabo
Ang bawat patak ng ulan,
Ganon mo siguro ako kamahal.
Pero lahat ng di mo nasalo,
Ganon ang pagmamahal ko sayo.
Binuhos ko lahat
Pero hindi mo sinalo.

Shewrites Jul 2018
Nobody knows me
But only I
Trying to smile
Saying Im fine
But when left alone
I started to cry
No one can realize
How sad i am
Acting so happy
But the truth is im not

I sat at a corner
Bow my face and wait
Till someone will come
Lay his hands
Gaze at me and
Save me from the dark
When will be the time that
Ill stop to cry
Escape from this darkness
And start to fly

Is there still remaining time
To end this sorrow
Cos Im tired of trying
Sick of crying and
Now my heart is breaking

Made this poem when I was 17 yrs old.
Shewrites Jul 2018
I'm here
But my soul
Lost in the
Of my own
thoughts and
Never wanting
to return


— The End —