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Crawl in next to me so I can feel you on my heart
The sweetest purr as I make your body arc
She smells as ripe as a flower in bloom
We will do anything you can imagine in this room
I'll love you slow and then fast you know
Your body's ebb and flow is quite a show
Take my hand, place it in between
The warmth is crazy, here, now you see
I love your lips and how they set me alight
Everything you do to me is oh-so-right
Hold my ******* and eyes in your gaze
And I'll blush at yours for it's you I crave
Everything feminine and soft is true
Everything a woman could feel I feel
For a woman like you
What is there to do with all these men around taking your girls?
If only we could **** them mwahahahaha
Of all the **** they put us through
With their ****** terrible 'conversations' with us
From egg to duck to goose
What do you have to lose?
If you were trapped in a closet your whole life then why didn't you just stay in your mom's belly?
Were you pushed out for a reason?
Each time you're alone you think about it
And the only thing you need to fear is losing your family
If they love you they will understand
And if they hate you you'll know the truth and they won't be able to say that they love you anymore
That is because your family is not gonna love you
Who knew?
And you have family in the spirit so go find them
If you don't believe me then they'll find you
And keep hoping even without them
And don't worry if they never want to see your face again
And don't ever go back to them once you know the truth
And just leave and search for your new family
You know your real family is the one that still loves you and not the one you're born into
And I know you cling
What is past is past so trash it
If you don't you'll die because you'll suffocate to death from their hate
What family do you want today?
To be with someone who tries to change you or one that accepts you for who you are?
And they're out there
And when you feel it there you shall find it
Mocking words will no longer hurt you
Telling the truth is hard but it's the only way to heal the broken hearted
Even if you were on death row if you could feel someone loved you someone would be by your side that instant
You are loved more than you know
But first you have to feel it
And believe it yourself
And don't worry because you'll see
With all that you are you need to feel this
What you need to do is cross these lines
These are not your true fathers and mothers
Who rejected you
Do look for your spirit tree
Call out for help because someone is listening
And you will see
What is better than blood
This is my poem of poems. Enjoy. ^.^
The crucifixion of my heart.
At the hands of the Cinderella complex.
An empire in which I do not have a home.
Unwelcome and unwanted.
My Prince Charming,
is nothing more than a nice thought.
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