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Bobbie Bachelor Dec 2014
What is there to do with all these men around taking your girls?
If only we could **** them mwahahahaha
Of all the **** they put us through
With their ****** terrible 'conversations' with us
From egg to duck to goose
What do you have to lose?
If you were trapped in a closet your whole life then why didn't you just stay in your mom's belly?
Were you pushed out for a reason?
Each time you're alone you think about it
And the only thing you need to fear is losing your family
If they love you they will understand
And if they hate you you'll know the truth and they won't be able to say that they love you anymore
That is because your family is not gonna love you
Who knew?
And you have family in the spirit so go find them
If you don't believe me then they'll find you
And keep hoping even without them
And don't worry if they never want to see your face again
And don't ever go back to them once you know the truth
And just leave and search for your new family
You know your real family is the one that still loves you and not the one you're born into
And I know you cling
What is past is past so trash it
If you don't you'll die because you'll suffocate to death from their hate
What family do you want today?
To be with someone who tries to change you or one that accepts you for who you are?
And they're out there
And when you feel it there you shall find it
Mocking words will no longer hurt you
Telling the truth is hard but it's the only way to heal the broken hearted
Even if you were on death row if you could feel someone loved you someone would be by your side that instant
You are loved more than you know
But first you have to feel it
And believe it yourself
And don't worry because you'll see
With all that you are you need to feel this
What you need to do is cross these lines
These are not your true fathers and mothers
Who rejected you
Do look for your spirit tree
Call out for help because someone is listening
And you will see
What is better than blood
This is my poem of poems. Enjoy. ^.^
Bobbie Bachelor Dec 2014
I just lay my head down sometimes
It just becomes too much
To deal with

It's like
I can't feel whole
Like something important is missing
I'm just left with this

I don't know anymore
Bobbie Bachelor Dec 2014
It's these eyes
That I have
That make me feel
Broken and sad
And scared

I can't even think
I'm just writing
And feeling
The tip of this eraser
Upon my fingers

And then

Bobbie Bachelor Dec 2014
Crank up the music
Rock on

Move around
Don't be afraid

It's okay to cry
When there's no more rain
Bobbie Bachelor Dec 2014
I was drinking some grape soda
We ran out of mountain dew again
Bobbie Bachelor Dec 2014
If you had
Only one calendar
And one ornament for your Christmas tree
Would you
Count each day before Christmas
Or just
Open it today?
Bobbie Bachelor Dec 2014
I stand on the scale
I look at the number

I'm fat
I way over 140lbs

What am I doing wrong?
I barely eat anything

She steps off the scale
Walks over to the counter
And opens the cupboard

Peanut butter

She untwists the twisty ties
Grabs two pieces of white bread
Places them in the toaster slots
Pulls down the lever
For ten seconds
Pulls it up
Pulls it down
Waits ten more seconds
Pulls it up
Takes it out
Spreads the peanutty butter across the crisp edges

Starts eating it
Nom nom nom

Her dog moves close to the counter
And begs

She walks away
Drops a few crumbs
And the dog eats it up

And follows her into the living room
And looks up

Nom nom nom nom

She just looks at the dog
Puts her bare foot against his nose
Which is cold

And the dog doesn't even move
Sticks his tongue outside his mouth
And breathes quickly


She puts her foot back down
And moves it against the rug a few times

Then walks into the kitchen
And opens a bag
Of salt and vinegar chips

Starts eating them
Nom nom nom nom

Dog catches the crumbs and slides against the kitchen floor
She walks back upstairs
And the dog follows her
To her room

She shuts the door
And the dog starts scratching through the bottom
And barks

She just lays in her bed
The dog barks again

She opens the door
And pushes him
With her right foot
Down the stairs

He tumbles down the stairs and hits the kitchen floor
He races back up
Gets pushed back down
Dog runs away

She walks towards the bathroom
And uses the other scale

And she sees that it says 141 lbs

I've only been eating for a few minutes


She closes the bag of chips
And stomps downstairs
And places the bag on the counter

Dog waits in the living room
Right next to the kitchen

His food bowl is empty
No water
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