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Jasmine Blick May 2012
1...2...3.... breathe
That's what going threw my head as I leave

I'm almost there
I keep trying not to stare

Thoughts of you running threw my head
They're starting to turn my face red

My heart thuds as the miles become fewer
And I can't help but think "if only I wasn't such a loser"

I always mess up when I've got you
I don't know how I do what I do

I get so close and let my walls drop so low
I stare into your eyes and hug you not wanting to let go

But I had to
So I let my fingers slide from yours saying "I love you..."

No reply
No goodbye

So I'll let my head droop low
And this angel will fly solo

But I have another chance...tonight
Hopefully this time I'll get it right...

I'm getting closer to those doors
And maybe closer to once again being yours

Till I'm there I'll keep my headphone in an my music up loud
And I'll whisper the lyrics to that song so quiet yet proud

My mother nudges me
"Your here now...see?"

I nod slowly leaving the car
Hoping you aren't so far

I let out a sigh
And walk to the wall as others pass with their skirts hiked high

I'm waiting...waiting for you
Hoping you'll come too

Friends, foes, and god knows pass me by
They act like I'm invisible to the naked eye

Its starting to get dark and your still not near
Your not coming I start to fear

Hours seemed to have passed
So I walk inside as asked

Still no one is here
"I've been stood up" I think with a tear
Jasmine Blick Mar 2012
Captain trips
Captin trips will come one day
And take all these idiots far away
Floating through the air stealthy and silent
Taking down all who deny it
One breath you take and **** in the sickness
Ahh its only the flu you think then it thickens
You choke one day on nothing but his deadly grasp
Good bye we wave as we laugh at your deadly gasp

The reak of burning flesh
Everyone with guns pointed to their heads
Held in containment
With no one to talk
Without a single weeze or cough
Even the patrolers die
Leaving you locked up
Break down the doors and run away
Follow the dreams that lead you straight away
Deaf and dumb, gay or straight run to the town with open gates
Boulder the town of newly none
But no harm is soon to come

The rest they greet you with open arms and hands
Clean up the town of all dead and gone
Turn on the lights its time to brawl
With the town of evil
Vegas they call
Send some others till the moon full falls bright
The dark man notices them none so shall none die
Till the M-O-O-N tells him again
But in the midst of all the death and the lies
Trash ruins his plans
And with one bomb Vegas flies sky high

In the end the good had won the world

And in the end it did so end with a bang not a whimper
This is based off of Stephen King's the Stand
Jasmine Blick May 2012
With her Father dead and gone
Its Daughter Time that brings the dawn

Like a clock she will always be
With each sword a hand you see

Telling us what is next to happen
If only we were to listen

She's got a heart of gold
But with no money will she be sold

She seems nice and sweet
And trust me her friendship is in deed a treat

However, betraying her may be deadly
But don't worry she'll **** you steadily

She does love to laugh
If only someone could bypass her hurting half

Its seems her hourglass has shattered
Leaving mounds if sand scattered

While her clock keeps ticking
Her hourglass keeps spilling

So she paints on her eyeliner thicker then ever
And continues to flip-flop time over and over

If someone could fix her
Time would be full of less torture

Who would dare
To try and fix the girl who seemed to never care?

She called for a small few
To be at her door at a quarter to 2

I know she doesn't expect it to be quick
So who will she pick?

I don't know for sure
But I do know they hold her cure

Now she drops her swords and opens these large doors
Her decision has been made as her choices walk these shiny floors

"You!" She says
As everyone bows their heads

"Me?" I answer questioning her decision
"No question

Your it, your perfect to fix me"
Oh how I wish I knew what she may see

"Oh Daughter Time I hope to please the
I do hope to fix you, you see"

So as you once again close the doors
Only you and I are in your walls walking these cold floors

"I promise to never say good bye
And I'll always look you in the eye"

I say taking her gentle hand
'I'll make sure your walls always stand"

So here we will forever sit
And I will fix you stitch by stitch

Thank you Daughter Time
For allowing me to make such a rhyme <3
From Chelsea ....I love you my dearest daughter<3
Jasmine Blick Apr 2012
Dear Girl,

I once was beautiful
With a dress of black lace
And dark blue ribbons
Tied in my hair

Stored high on a store shelf
I smiled all day
As children passed wishing to play
Once denied by their parents they'd sulk away

This bothered me so
Created to serve but one purpose
To put a smile on the face of every child

I began to loose hope
As each day seemed to prove my failure
Still with all my beauty
The store keeper decided to move me

I was now hidden
From the eyes of each small child
They'd have to search
To find me a simple dolly

Then one day you saw me
And a gentle smile came across your face
You pulled me into you arms
Whispering "she's perfect"

Holding me tight
You ran for your mommy
Begging her to buy me

My smile had come back
I felt no longer a failure
Safely snugged in your arms
My button eyes gleamed brighter

I loved you that much I knew
From the first time I saw you
The drive to my new home
Seemed to take forever

Once we had gotten there
You made me promises as you brushed my hair
Even with my mouth stitched shut
You said I said so much

You whispered your secrets without a fright
And you'd pull me close every night
We'd hide under the blankets
When the day turned to night

But one day you went out
I awoke on your shelf
For the first time you left me...
I waited all day for you to come home

Then when I saw you walk
I smiled and lifted my head
I figured you run and grab me
Then cry when you said how much you missed me

Instead you grabbed my ripping arm
And tossed me to the bed
My arm hung by one thread
You just smiled as I cried
Then my tears you fed

I knew then
You'd never be the same girl  again
The one who pulled me from that self where I hid
Who promised to protect me no matter your health

That's when it started
My beauty faded away
As I became your Voodoo Doll
And your heart wilted over

One night you'd cuddle me
And whisper how much you loved me
You'd even clean my one eye
(The other disappeared after your first trip)

The next you rip out my seems
And stab me with pens
As the room filled with my muffled scream
You smile so pleased

Sure you'd stitch me back up
But to what just take em out again?
My visions became blurred
As your unhappiness was taken out

You used to treat me like a person
Turns out it wrong
I guess it will always be
Me who is the toy...

Your Voodoo Doll

P. S.
I still have but one more secret
Even with all this pain
I'll always love you

Please don't go away...
I wrote this about my recent experiences:/
That are still continuing soo
Jasmine Blick May 2012
"Hatter! Hatter"
Alice repeatedly scream
"My dear Hatter why have you left me?"

Confused and scared
Unaware of where she may be
Alice runs down the twisting white halls

Her voice echos
Along with the ticking clocks
Then suddenly.... they stop
She skids to a stop falling to the floor
"Hater, what's happening?
Why have you left me?"

She jumps to her feet and dusts herself off
Looking every which way
Then a noise she hears
Foot steps, running towards dear Alice

Loaded with fear as her body grows suddenly cold
Alice runs the other way
Hoping to get away
The steps get closer as she waits for the ticking clocks

The light of the halls fades to the dark of the night
She sees a large clock to her left
Reading 12 o' clock
Thinking not she runs threw the road
Empty in the night

There's a screech
And a thud as Alice hits the ground
Jasmine Blick May 2012
My head is a daze
Everything seems like a haze

"Alice! Alice!
Is your name Alice?!"

An unformilar voice calls
"You had a terrible fall
Can you hear me Alice?
Where's your hatter Alice?"

I finally see the man questioning me
"Who must you be?"
I ask reluctantly
"I'm your White Rabbit I've been waiting patiently"

"Where's the hatter?"
I ask thinking something must be the matter

"I haven't a clue..
I thought I'd ask you
Here come with me
I'm sure he'll be here shortly"

My head was pounding
And now the world was spinning

I rose to my feet
It was then our eyes were to meet

"I remember" I mumble
To my horned hatter Paizles:)
Jasmine Blick Apr 2012
"Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest
Of them all?"

       "With guns of great aim
As this world goes up with one flame
Snow White I declare
With her white studded mair
       Her dwarfs have gone
But she still has till dawn
With her prince charming at her side
And her fairies to guide
Snow White I declare
With her white studded mair"

The chipmunks and deer
That once killed her fear
Now follow her hungry and moaning
As they creep closer you hear them groaning

Her friends are dead
Her heart is full of dread
How will she go on and make it to dawn?

They attack
She fights back
The horde its gone?
Ten minutes till dawn

At least that's the happy ending?


An apple red and delicious
Plucked from a tree that seems so viscous
"A bite won't hurt?"
Now she's lying in the dirt

With a moan
And obviously a groan
You question the mirror once more

"Mirror Mirror on the wall who's the fairest
ZOMBIE of them all?"


As the sun began to rise
You'll hear her faint cries
Her flesh is burning
Because of her yearning
For that one bite
Ended her fight

For no guns of great aim
Will ever hide her shame
For the last bite she'll take
Took it all without a stake

"I don't think a true loves kiss
Will turn out to fix this"
I really need some help fixing this:3
Jasmine Blick May 2012
The Hatter walked down the street
He was in search of Alice unaware who she'd meet

He'd lost her a few hours back
It was this time he regretting having to lack

They could've been to Wonderland by now
With some kind of talking cow

The Hatter looked left and right
But Alice just wasn't with in sight

He pondered on how he had lost her
But it seemed all a blur

They had been running for hours it seemed
It was still nothing like they'd dreamed

They sat down to rest up
Then these red cards showed up

The Hatter awoke to screams in his ears
And the ear shattering tears

"Release my Alice" he said with an invisible tear
"It'll be okay dear"

The Hatter pulled something from his jacket
It was a platinum hatchet

Striking the red and white blurs
Something agitated his nerves

He turned to be strikes in the head
There the cards figured he'd been dead

Now he's here wondering these busy streets
Worrying about Alice hoping she escaped the dead beets

Then a familiar car he saw...
"ALICE!?!?" He screams in aww
Jasmine Blick Apr 2012
The hatter with horns
Made his dear Alice a promise
"Wonderland my dear
We'll take you there
You'll never have another fear"

He pulled his Alice close
"Come on dear just run
To the rabbit hole you know?
No papers
And no signatures
Just grab my hand and I'll guide the way"

"I doubt a little trip
Down a rabbit hole will cure me
Of all the pain she left me.."
I disagree with my simple friend

Tick tock, tick. tock.
Tick..tock.., tick...tock...
The clocks around so Then suddenly stop
As the hatter bows his head
And all the lights slowly dim

"Its so simple Alice my dear
Take this hand I hold out toward you
Grip it tight and never let go
We'll run till we see Whitey
Climb in his cab and he'll drive us the rest of the way

With a few conditions of course
'No Food Or Drink
No Dying
No Puking
No Nothing Else'

Once we get to the Rabbit hole
Hold to me tight
We'll fall quite a ways

But just remember
In Wonderland everything is nonsense
I will protect you there

My dear Alice
All the pain will go away
Now quick make a decision
Pain or carefree"

"But won't she hate me?
If I'm gone they'll miss right?
What if they forget me?"
The clocks start ticking again
Tick....tock...., tick...tock...
Tick..tock.., tick.tock.

"Time is ticking Alice
Our 15 seconds are up Its now or never"
The hatter bows with his hand stretched out

"Yes!" I whisper
Reaching for his hand
With a quick spin he whispers into my ear
"Run dear...ready?
I need help fixing this.....
Jasmine Blick May 2012
Its prom oh what a lovely day
The sun is out in the beautiful month of May

In our dresses we will surely hide
But either way we've got our converse laced and tied

Its amazing most would say
But we stick to the back far away

The "beautiful" people won't see our gaze
They're to caught up in their "perfect" haze

We'll stick to this wall
Hardly seen at all

We'll talk a little
Maybe secretly sing a little..

Either way
No one will see us in this decently lit hide away

Everything's fine...


All the lights die...

I reach for your hand
Frozen there you stand

My hand almost makes it
Then something else takes it...

You whisper still shocked
For you have a fear of the dark (everyone used to mock)

"Yo-ou th-he-ere?
Ca-an't you-you se-ee I-I-'m scared?"

The lights slowly begin to dim up to bright..
Still our little spot has little light

You see I'm no longer at your side
Then you look down to your right side

You question, "oh no she's dead!?!"

You decide to follow the trail of blood
You hope so badly your tears won't flood

You hope I'm okay
Call it a joke if you may

Then you find me...

Sprawled out on the floor
You swing open the blood covered door

"She's still alive...thank god"
You say kind of odd

You pull me into you arms
You see my flips your alarms

You grip me oh so tight
You hope I will live at least one more night

When my grasp gives out

And my eyes roll back
The room goes once again black

Clutching my corpse wishing to live
Maybe hoping you have some life left to give

I make a huge gasp
And pull away from your grasp

I no longer bleed
But its your flesh I seem to need

You wrap your blood covered arms around me

I try so hard not to devour you
I must tell you its all I can do

I push you off and slide into the dark
"I'm sorry dear I just don't want to leave my mark"

"What mark?
Why must you hide in the dark"

You panic to say

"Its simple my dear
I've become infected I fear"

"With what I don't mind but-"

I interrupt your words

"No...its the Z
The Z Word you see"

"Its okay...I'm not afraid.."

You hug me anyway
I can't bite you but I can't pull away

Your flesh...

It smells so delicious

Then you beg me To give you the Z

I scream "NEVER!!"
"But I want to live with you forever.."

You give the eyes
The ones that make me blurt out my deepest cries

"Fine" I mumble fearful
Suddenly your not so careful

You close your eyes "Make it quick"
"Honey you do know its not like a little pin *****?"

You slightly nod..putting your head in my hands..
I don't think I can fulfil your demands

I close my eyes anyway
I take a wiff of your flesh straight away

Your only one bite away
One tear drops as I try not to run the other way

I open a wide

I take a little bite...

I can't stand the feeling

I spit your flesh out..

You heave yourself into my arms
You give me that smile that always charms

Then suddenly you die
Even infected me..well I cry..

You pull away from my arms

"I feel better then ever
What do you say we destroy this prom together?"

With our dresses torn and tattered
And our laced converse blood splattered

We **** our heads
And hope to tare this stupid prom to shreds

Next thing we know we're full as can be
The she sets the school into flames (not me)

We sneak away thinking happily
Prom really hadn't ended so badly...
I dedicate this to my bestest friend Kristany ^.^
A. K. A. My zombie loving converse addict of a blood sister:)

— The End —