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We know better
Than drown in a poisonous sea
But when the warm sand feels like
Broken glass beneath your feet
We find ourselves
For oblivion
And get lured by the promises
Each wave brought like letters trapped in a bottle
Waiting to fill our bottomless hearts
And the thirsty can hold on only for so long
We dove straight in
With time
Each promise began to leak
Trough us like
We were damaged ships
Trapped in bottles
And indeed
The compass shows this is the direction we were headed in
Rey Lynch Jun 20
Bare myself as a naked truth
My sinner skin awaiting the whip of your judgment
To savour all of your ugly bitterness
Hiding behind the mask of a saint
But I don't seek your forgiveness
It's needless to me
Simply releasing the guilt demons you planted in my head
(before I could even think)
And finally let myself be free
Rey Lynch Jun 20
I tried to change chasing an illusion
And the illusion become my cage
Now I sit and stare
Behind imaginary bars sturdier than reality
At a shell
Of who I really am
And my tries to be someone else
Rey Lynch Jun 6
A smile
A look
Memorize the colorless dances
Break your different bones to dust
Unless you'd like a taste
Of even bitter pain
(if there is one)
Now I learned
To be your doppelganger

Will you let me in the crowd?
They say being different is good, but often it just hurts.

Inspired by everydayinjune sixth prompt: Doppelganger
Rey Lynch Jun 5
Light up my tobacco lungs
Fill them with your poison
Too long I've been choking myself with air
Now I finally can take a gulp of fresh smoke
Feelin' alive, though it kills me
Rey Lynch May 30
I long to release
Endless void swallowing me
On tender paper
This is my first time trying to do haiku,
excuse me if it *****.
Rey Lynch May 30
Disassemble me
Piece by piece
Figure out how i breathe
Without oxygen
And how i move
Despite being broken
Feel the glue
That keeps my body whole
It has become my second skin
Explore my brain
But be careful
You might go insane
And please tell me
What is happening in there
Because i don't even know myself
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