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  Sep 2018 ashley m
Lina Lotus
The underworld calls
I seek entrance to that invisible realm
The ferryman waves
I saved my coins, but he says my coins are no good in his world, so
He tells me to wait  
I hear whispers
The ferryman laughs and the turning waters summon me
Another journey
into darkness
I pay the ferryman
The underworld calls
I wrote this shortly after my car accident- was feeling pretty dejected at the time
  Sep 2018 ashley m
Page Seventy Three
Rouge, threaded dragons intertwined with oriental cherries
stain a mockery of silk spread across an unsteady table.
The lady, dwarfed by the redwood counter,
has skin stretched taught across the bones of her temples
only to softly be drooped and draped around her jowls.
She caught both my eyes in the little dips of her palms
but wrinkles worked onto her face are focused on receipts
and she is obviously oblivious that her hands, veined with sickly blue,
had struck me so hard that my head is thudding numbly.
Her nails are narrow and naturally long,
set into the spotted skin of her delicate fingers,
pulling at a memory bathed in red by the Chinese lanterns
hanging over me, the couple near the kitchen and tiny Mrs Huang.
Her hands gesture to me after calling my order twice  
and I walk towards them to take the sterile, plastic packet
so that I can finally exit to the alley and spit into the gutter
a touch of an image much too familiar
to only belong to Mrs Huang.
Please share your thoughts with me.
  Sep 2018 ashley m
Come walk through the grains with me
Sand shimmering like stars
Constellations of symmetry
See them join and split apart

Come watch over new stars with me
Sparks dancing in our eyes
Starlight like you could never see
Make our home among the skies

Come paint these skies blue with me
Hide and seek between the clouds
Dive right into a stormy sea
Roam unseen depths darkness enshrouds

Come make mountains move with me
Paint monumental worlds
A playground of pure fantasy
Watch your minds power unfurl

Come and wander this world with me
Adventure awaits the bold
Surmount a cliff or climb a tree
What mysteries do cities hold?

Come fly to the stars with me
Let's make this journey never end
I'll be the boat to your sea
All you will need is a pen
  Sep 2018 ashley m
I am help captive in the arms of my captor

Only looking at the future it gave, no other

Walking up the path filled with grave-given, fallen flowers

I rise above the clouds having hope as my only power

This is she to me, *España y Filipinas
This was my own attempt in interpreting the message of a painting made by one of my countries best painters, Juan Luna. It was actually in the test given for arts class where they asked us to write a one-verse poem about how we interpret Espana y Pilipinas and this was my answer to that portion of the test. I must say, a lot of culture and symbolism in one painting. I realize how great the other art forms are besides poetry.
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