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  Mar 2018 Haze
Commuter Poet
Together we stood
In the snow and the wind
Together we waited
For hope to begin

Together with youth
Our hearts did beat
We took a step forward
As thousands did meet

With pride and emotion
We re-lived the day
When back 60 years
Josei Toda did say...

'To the youth I declare
The future is yours!
I trust you to act
Like never before'

With song and with dance
Spoken word and great beats
6000 young Buddhas
Brought all to their feet

We will never forget
This historic day
Our future re-born
In a beautiful way

In five years from now
With joy and with pride
Our children will say
We were there, side by side!

Our friendships and joy
Will grow and increase
Generation Hope
Creator of Peace
6000 young people stand up for peace
  Mar 2018 Haze
Snowflakes drawn the curtain,
The wind mutes everything in sight,
I shiver, knowing what is coming,
Whips of frost begin to strike.

My eyes have become mute,
Everything twists in a whirling haze,
The pain does not echo in my heart,
For it has become a burning blaze.

There is no such thing as a phoenix of ice,
Waiting to splendidly be reborn,
As this frozen flame inside of me,
Simply cannot burn.

All that is left to do,
Is to wait for an end to come trough,
Thoughts of light, hopes of fire,
Let them guide my last desire:
Let me die, as many times as needed,
My next life has already been seeded.
  Feb 2018 Haze
To talk of gentle love and me,
Seems something of an oddity.
Yet to speak of angels as muses sing,
Used to come so naturally.

A somber sonnet of the soul,
Would ease the pain of heartache's toll.
And bring with it some great delight,
Yet now that gift has taken flight.

I cannot find the words once more,
All left behind on battered shores,
Of love and loss and life now gone,
I've lost the strength to carry on.

No words shall leave this shaking hand,
Of light and hope and love once grand.
And soon shall I then fade from view,
As my words have after you.

A broken angel on borrowed wings,
To teach of love and what it brings,
To show there beauty at its best,
And lay a wild heart to rest.

To teach of pain then born of passion,
And mark the soul in subtle fashion,
To linger there in memory,
Forever bathed in agony.

Take this then, my parting gift,
A simple thing which I will miss.
My pen and heart belong to you,
Goodbye my love and gentle muse.
  Feb 2018 Haze
I have yet to say that word to you
I am cautious
because last time I said those words
they were not true
and you are too perfect
for that perfect line
to be untrue
I love you
I love the way your eyes are like the colors blue and green are fighting for the spotlight
I love the way those eyes look at me and give me comfort
yet have the ablility to light a fire inside me that roars uncontrollably and refuses to go out
I love the way your lips move on my body in ways of innocence and passion
I love the way those lips speak words to me that lift me up or make me melt
I love your body and the way mine can fall into the rythm of yours
I love that you love something much greater than yourself
I love your mind because it is so wildly beautiful
I love how our souls run together
and when I'm with you I feel whole
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