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Wang Di Sep 18
I dream about the summer times,
Where the yellow hues were
Luring us
Around sunflowers,
That were yellow
to the depth of their cores,
Telling us how they missed
seeing us together.
But, now that you are gone
And I am here,
The yellow hues aren’t yellow anymore,
The sunflowers aren’t yellow anymore,
They talk about how they are
Turning grey, grey like the ashes
That you turned out to be.
Oh, dayou,
Leaving behind the only thing you couldn’t take with you,
Wang Di Sep 17
I see the waves
as I close my eyes,
calming me down,
whispering in the air
That the flowers that once were wilted
Are now bathing in the sun,
slowly rising again.

- The waves before your wrist.
Wang Di Jun 28
Drip by drip
You try to touch me
Step by step
I try to move away from you
Drop by drop
You muddy my trail
Foot by foot
I step on it
Piece by piece
I leave my soul behind
It’s 14:11
Time for you to shower upon me
Discarded, you leave me wet
Giving rise to an ocean
A labyrinth whose exit I forgot

- A mirage at 14:11
Wang Di Jun 28
the soul inside this body
Its rib cage, a prisoner
Screeching the thoughts
Buried deep inside
With its lips in sync
Which narrated
the lies to be transgressed
Into a thousand palatable flowers
Along with the scent
diffusing it every time
Leading into a trail
To the kiss of Judas
Wang Di Jun 25
If tomorrow was never to come,
I wouldn’t be staring at the sky,
Questioning about my existence,
My purpose in this vacuous life

If tomorrow was never to come
I wouldn’t try to play the victim
Whose songs are being replayed
With its lyrics darting at my fragility

If tomorrow was never to come
I wouldn’t try to be the 1080p of their life
Trying to be the perfume of euphoria
Consuming me to my depths

If tomorrow was never to come
I would still like to be the child
Whose pages weren’t filled with words
Words which made me apathetic

Wang Di Jun 22
Acclimate, my love
from all of the yesterdays
bestowed upon you
Wang Di Jun 17
After centuries of
chronologically repeating
the same task of
washing an ornate,
immaculate and unused textile,
the almighty’s child
reciprocated with a why.
The child evolved into a key
that sealed the Pandora’s box
and hence,
spirituality began to blossom.
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