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May 2017 · 248
Tell me
Tell me,
Was my love not enough?
No, of course it was enough,
I loved you with everything I had.
You were just to blind to see it.
And now as your world keeps spinning on
Il be stuck standing still
Waiting for you to come unfreeze me
It's 1:17 am now. I'm tired, this one's for you jack
May 2017 · 365
You beat my heart to dust
Then used it too make a wish
For the heart of another girl.
It's 1:03 am here on the east coast of America and I can't sleep. It's finals week for us seniors so I should be sleeping but I feel like I have something in me that needs to come out. I guess this one's for you jack, another poem for you that you'll never read.
What happened to the little girl
The one who dreamed of fairytales
What happened to the little girl
Who played make believe
Who wanted to grow up to be an
What happened to the little girl
Who thought the world to be a magical place
Who dreamed of reaching the stars and keeping
Them in a jar to light her way
Who dreamed of prince charming on white horses
Well she now lies in bed with tears streaming down her face
Begging to die.
She now paints pictures on her skin with a metal paintbrush
She's more broken than she is beautiful.
She no longer dreams of stars and fairytales
Now her only happily ever after is

Sorry I'm a wee bit rusty with my poetry.
May 2017 · 333
The worst part about it all
Is that it stings in the shower,
And I'm so sorry, if you're
One of the poor unfortunate souls
Who knows exactly what I'm
Talking about
I've recently self harmed, within the last 10 minutes of writing these few little thoughts. I need help. God please send help
Jan 2017 · 509
He didnt love me
I knew he didn't love me
But I adored him anyway
And even though my heart was screaming
I just couldn't stay away
Nov 2016 · 1.7k
Taste of Air
Nov 2016 · 433
Dreaming of Happiness
Maybe one day I can stop simply dreaming of happiness
and find it for myself.
Nov 2016 · 445
Anyone Else?
Anyone else feel like they're
dreaming their lives away?

Anyone else sick of sleepwalking
through every day?
Nov 2016 · 416
Maybe we were meant to fall together
Maybe we were doomed to fall apart.
Nov 2016 · 323
Dont forget
Don't forget who you were
Before the world tore you apart.

Don't forget who you were,
Before the world told you
who you should be
Nov 2016 · 873
Lost and Found
In you I lost myself,
In you I found myself
Nov 2016 · 575
My colours
His soul was as colourful as a rainbow
And I,
Am black and white
With a little bit of grey
Nov 2016 · 592
Without you
Without you
I can be me.
Without you
I can breathe.
Nov 2016 · 354
Wes (pt III)
You are the perfect song
I've never known how to write
And the melody
I have always been searching for.
Nov 2016 · 308
Wes part 2
You called me anonymous,
Weird isn't it?
How something so silly can mean so much
Now that every thing has changed
Nov 2016 · 267
If I could go back
I would
Nov 2016 · 362
They say that sometimes
The people who build you up
Are the ones to tear you down,
And the saddest part is,
No one realises it until
It's too late.
Oct 2016 · 220
Girl like me
Stupid girl,
A boy like him
Could never love a girl like me
Oct 2016 · 612
People don't change
Their masks do
Oct 2016 · 229
Right Write
If only I could find the right words
To write the right poem.
Oct 2016 · 437
Lately I've been sleepwalying through everyday
My life is black and white and I am dreaming in grey
Red letter day but I'm as blue as the sea
I'm falling fast, somoney please save me.
Oct 2016 · 278
Let it go
Let **** go,
You can't see the world
If you're carrying it on your shoulders
Oct 2016 · 255
You shine brighter than all the stars that I've seen
Believe me when I say that you're lovely.
Oct 2016 · 526
I'll stay with you
But I don't mind
I'll stay behind
with you.
While everyone's chasing the stars
Trying to find who they are
I'll stay here with you.
Oct 2016 · 237
Falling for you.
Somebody help me 'cause I cannot breathe
falling for you knocked the wind out of me.
Oct 2016 · 1.1k
Salt and sugar
Be careful
Some times it's hard to tell salt from sugar,
I have found,
People are like that too.
Oct 2016 · 485
The addict
I think it's hard to give you up
For the same reason a drug addict keeps going back,
The high is amazing,
Regardless of how deadly it is.
Oct 2016 · 337
Dancing with her
As I saw you there,
Dancing with her,
I felt as if what was left of my heart
Was ripped out
And smashed into a thousand pieces.
Oct 2016 · 327
10 words
Don't let them question you,
But always keep them wondering.
Sep 2016 · 288
Not alone
And it was then,
talking to you,
tears streaming down my face,
that I realized maybe I'm not completely
Sep 2016 · 777
You are the Earth
You are the Earth,
strong and beautiful,
you are the Earth.

You are the Earth
resilient and giving,
you are the Earth.

You are the Earth,
a little broken and scarred
you are the Earth.

You are the Earth
You are the thing that keeps me grounded
you are the Earth.

You are the Earth
always there and something magic
you are my world

I love you.
Sep 2016 · 448
And so we hold on,
despite the heartache
we hold on.
Despite the pain
we hold on,
despite the scars
we hold on.
Despite the sadness, and loneliness and tears
we hold on.
Why do we hold on?

We hold on out of hope
that one day things will be okay
we hope.
For the person that we fell in love with to return
we hope
that the mask we fell in love with wasn't really a mask at all
we hope.
that maybe we didn't get ******* over
and that this will be the person who finally loves us for all that we are.

So we hold on to hope, despite it all
thinking maybe
this will be it.
I kind of rambled and it makes no sense written out but it did in my head. Hope I got the point across
Sep 2016 · 295
This friendship is dead,
the only thing left to do,
is bury it.
Sep 2016 · 338
The Storm
Oh honey,
you're not strong enough
to handle me.
Sep 2016 · 279
Promises to Keep
I know the price of this life is steep,
but I have promises to keep.
Sep 2016 · 306
Your arms
I would give up 10 years
To go back to that night
And relive being in your arms.
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
Too late
Too late?
It's never too ******* late
Sep 2016 · 487
Take time
Good things take time,
I like to believe this can be the case
For people too.
Sep 2016 · 261
Break my heart
Who would've thought
That the person to break my heart into
Thousands of pieces would be
Sep 2016 · 256
If they don't ******* understand,
Make them ******* understand
So sick of being misunderstood
Sep 2016 · 480
My angel
I sit here broke
Because my angel has choked
On its halo.
Sep 2016 · 653
Secrets and regrets
Remember the nights we got drunk on moonlight
And shared secrets
But I sit here alone
With heart heavy as stone
And so many regrets.
Sep 2016 · 1.1k
Life is not about surviving,
It's about living.
Sep 2016 · 216
Love yourself
Love yourself
And everything else will
Fall into place.
Sep 2016 · 252
Untitled 13
There are days when it will be hard,
Getting out of bed will seem impossible,
Breathing will seem like a battle,
You'll want to just curl up and die.
On those days, you must remember
How far you've come.
How much further you have to go,
And all of the people that will love you
In between
Sep 2016 · 689
The monsters
I don't think I'm scared of letting people in,
I'm scared of my monsters escaping,
And for you to really see what transpires
In my mind.
Sep 2016 · 691
The weight
The goal is to climb the mountain
Not carry it.
Life is a climb, with so much baggage and weight on my shoulders it seems near impossible sometimes
Life is a locked door,
but somebody stole my key
labeled "happiness".
They say happiness is the key to life, but I can't find my key.
Sep 2016 · 183
Life is a locked door,
but I can't seem to find my key
labeled "happiness".
Sep 2016 · 491
Unfinished song
I have always been an incomplete song
You were the chorus
I have always been missing
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