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TheExpat Jul 2014
The same daily toil
Labour without cease
Tool covered in oil
Needs more elbow grease

Thoughts wandering free
Take me to the brim
Below bushy tree
In sweet pool to swim

Force within now drives
Moment waited for
Day's ****** arrives
I'm released once more
TheExpat Jul 2014
Fruit tree stands askew
Shadow cast o'er still water
   Wildfowl's cool refuge
TheExpat Jun 2014
Let yes be yes
Let no be no
Anything less
Would be a blow    

Decide on it
No letting go
Just do not quit
Let it be so
TheExpat Jun 2014
Just try a nip and tuck
Maybe you'll have some luck
Maybe you'll ward off age
Come on its all the rage
A nip here a tuck there    
Get smaller underwear
Very tongue in cheek.  We are perfect the way god made us.
TheExpat Jun 2014
My heart is not a toy
Not there to be abused  
Nor for you to destroy
My heart is not amused

We've settled on a plan       
If you say it will be
If you say we sure can  
That isn't a maybe
My heart is not a toy
But living part within                    
My heart I redeploy
My patience grew too thin
To all the times I held you
To all the times I cried
To all the times you hurt me
To all the times you lied
To all the times you screamed my name 
and the times I screamed yours back
To every bruise you gave me 
and for every bone you cracked.

To every name you called me
as your blows rained from above
To the corner that I cowered in
as you dealt out your "love"
To your friends that saw the battle scars and quickly turned away
To the drink that made you do it
even on your sober days.

I raise this glass to you my love
in thanks for all you've done
it took a while but now I see
that you're the damaged one
So when you're feeling lonely
Don't spare a thought for me
I cower there no longer
Your anger set me free.
TheExpat Jun 2014
Not-father’s day today
No morning breakfast tray.
Nor card soppily versed
In filial love immersed.

Children in great array
Their father love display.
Each post that father lauds
Cuts as a thousand swords.

The words ‘I love you dad’
Not hearing is so sad.
We sit and pine away
On this not-father’s day
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