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"Is she doing okay?"
A friend looked down at me
I pretended not to hear, just go away
And leave me be

"Yeah, she's probably fine."
That's how he replied
My mind refuses to align
Why couldn't you have tried?
Even if I don't seem to like it sometimes, it's always nice to ask to show that you care.
It drowns out the world
It drowns out my life
It drowns out my sadness
Just close my eyes
Turn up the volume
Forget life
Forget my struggles
In a empty world
With nothing but the rhythm
Then I open my eyes
and remember
I have to eat
I have to clean
I have to leave my safe place
I have to turn off the music
I want to drown out my sadness with music but every time I try I have to do something, why cant I just sit in a corner while in my own world of happiness and never move
I've been knocked to the ground
And blamed for falling
Sorry this isnt a poem
I had a dream where I went through with it, I killed myself and the last thing I did before dieing was write a poem saying goodbye and I had specifically mentioned invisible, arrowbird fallenangel and especially wolf, and how you guys felt like friends to me and youre all so nice, now that I look at it I could have just said all my followers but I guess dream me didnt want to think of you as followers but as individual people who listen  to me and help me, sorry about posting on a poetry site and it not even being a poem, but I just wanted to thank you
I see scary things
Demons and shadows everywhere
Some have wings
Way scarier then a bear
am I crazy?
What's wrong with me
Sharp teeth and darkness is what I see
They're all crystal clear
They seem so real
But they cant be
No one else can see them
How can this be
Whats wrong with me
Can anyone answer
I'm scared
I cant sleep
I feel like this thing Thats not real
Could **** me
I never turn off the lights
Maybe if i ignore it
It'll go away
How can I ignore something
thats so terrifying
If I can't hear you
I'll laugh
Since I'm afraid to ask for clarity

If you offend me
I'll laugh
It's just a joke of course...

If you insult me
I'll laugh
My self-confidence cannot be lowered!

If I'm humiliated
I'll laugh
Punishment and anguish will come soon

If you notice the cuts
I'll laugh
"It was just my dog, LOL."

If I'm ready to die
I'll laugh
I don't want you to know

If I cause harm
I'll laugh
It'll make me sound innocent :)

If you see my fear
I'll laugh
To simply strengthen the illusion
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