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for a while I've been confused
Im not into guys
But that would mean im ***
Which im not
I thought maybe bi
But then I saw I video
Explaining one thing
There's another one
One I'd never heard of
Its perfect
The only one that fits me
I dont have to be confused anymore
Im not attracted to anyone
To this you may say
'You havent found the one'
To that I say
Bs ive found him
I just don't want romance
But there's one thing
One more thing I dont understand
This can't be against God
Can it?
Im not attracted to girls
But its still a form of it
And as I grow
My parents talk more of
How one day
I'll think im ready
And to be smart about it
But I know that's not true
I've always thought
I'm a late bloomer
But now I know
I'm not alone!
I have a whole 1% on my side
I had literally never heard the word asexual til last night
I'm shaking
My head hurts
My heart is pounding
And im scared
I'm so lightheaded
I feel dizzy
Am I dieing?
It feels so scary
When I stand up
Everything turns black
Why is this happening?
Do YOU know?
I feel like I'm dieing
What's going on

Update: I passed out a couple minutes ago... Im really scared
I think I'm dieing
Gabrielle Pennington
You're my very bestest friend
One day you got me a toy fox
Kevin is the name he got
Gabrielle Pennington
Your the greatest type of friend
One day i got you a toy goat
The cutest goat to own a boat
Gabrielle Pennington
I dont deserve such a friend
There was
we made dark.
There was
we made ****.
There was
we made cold.
There was
we made bad.
There was
we made hate.
Let us always be
and take the bad things
Think about it, there really is no dark, is it s word that we made up for when there is no light. And it is the same for the others.
Who finds a
true friend
finds a
true treasure.
  Feb 21 ThatWolfgirl13
"Is she doing okay?"
A friend looked down at me
I pretended not to hear, just go away
And leave me be

"Yeah, she's probably fine."
That's how he replied
My mind refuses to align
Why couldn't you have tried?
Even if I don't seem to like it sometimes, it's always nice to ask to show that you care.
It drowns out the world
It drowns out my life
It drowns out my sadness
Just close my eyes
Turn up the volume
Forget life
Forget my struggles
In a empty world
With nothing but the rhythm
Then I open my eyes
and remember
I have to eat
I have to clean
I have to leave my safe place
I have to turn off the music
I want to drown out my sadness with music but every time I try I have to do something, why cant I just sit in a corner while in my own world of happiness and never move
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