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and we
won't just
    but we'll
      thrive till
        we're five
           and make
              peace with
                 our hearts
                     till we're
                                   and my
                                                            will talk
                                                                   to the
                                                                          sky and
                                                                               we'll drift
                                                                                      through the
                                                                                              night till
                                                                                                      we're free
 Aug 7 Dor
 Aug 7 Dor
and me,
we are,
unified souls,
simply, united,
an unbreakable set,
underway, sailing,
like ship and sea,
this two-way street,
and me,
we are,
us. [one].
XVI. Committed
 Aug 7 Dor
 Aug 7 Dor
a star fell
to the earth
each time
i thought of You,

the sky
would be
void of light.
 Jul 14 Dor
The Ink Well
... and even memories have to die.
 Jul 14 Dor
 Jul 14 Dor
Coming up
Reminds me of
Waiting for the high to hit
Never enough
Never as good
As last time.
The new discovery
An addiction
To new discoveries.
Never satisfied
In that
 May 19 Dor
CJ Tims
I love you
As a friend.
No, no that isn’t right.
See that’s what i say
To hide how i feel.
When i say i love you
I mean
I love you.
With no establishments,
No walls.
See i love you
As the moon
Loves the stars.
There is them,
There is us.
And there is you.
I love you.
 May 19 Dor
CJ Tims
Left alone
 May 19 Dor
CJ Tims
when i told you i loved you,
I thought you were going to stay.
i’d never prepped myself
for you walking away.
now i’m looking around
at all the lost memories,
really wishing
i didn’t let you see the real me.
 May 19 Dor
CJ Tims
looking into your eyes
reminded me of a galaxy,
too far to discover.
you were venturing your thoughts
while i was locked out.
looking at your lips
reminded me of the clouds
on a stormy day.
so tempting to touch,
yet so dangerous.
hearing your voice
brought me into a blissful peace
i have yet to discover on my own.
everything about you
screams into my soul,
reminding me that you are
my forbidden fruit.
but oh what I wouldn’t do
to take one more bite.
 May 19 Dor
CJ Tims
I am ashamed
At how broken i am.
I apologize
For the amount of stress
I may cause in the midst of your
Efforts of trying to keep me held together.
I apologize
that i continue to fall apart
Before your glue has time to dry.
I apologize
That every time you pick a piece of me up,
Yet another breaks.
I am trying.
You are fixing me slower than i am breaking,
And i am ashamed.
Thank you.
Thank you for not giving up
On a broken piece of nothing.
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