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Shelby Predrick Apr 2015
Remonstrances sound in the pale evening gloom
One that is feared, a midnight rose' bloom.
Concealed by a thick, emerging wall
Cries never heard, dying off at her call.

Peering round the tombstone tree,
I see leaves swaying in the ominous breeze.
A foretelling of an unknown story
That has come to end, Grimm's morning glory.

Peeling off the gigantic red brick house,
Are cement and paint in cold dry blood.
Parting gazes deceive the spider
As the web tears apart for the cunning outsider.

Flickering and broken lamps unfixed
They cast light on the wicked, devouring mix
Of witches and grumps, different and alike
Who ruin our lives
And rip even knives.

A considerable vacation it must be
To head in and out, oh how much fun and glee!
But horror tales come undone only in the fall
When the glimmer wears off
And ink splatters the prison wall.
Shelby Predrick Apr 2015
Cobblestones, colorful, decorate paths
Like tiny, petite mosaics in swaths
They lead to something dreadfully fathomable
What it is and what it wants are all but unaffordable.

I walk along the road, a naïve maiden blue
Stretching past the town, it was sun-lit too.
A moment to ponder came in my mind
A second to escape, an instant to die.

Everything goes on just as it is.
Grasses of evergreen hug and kiss.
Aqua skies unfold their maps
As I wander still, not knowing of the gaps.

Soon after, the masses become grey
Horrifying red splashes me away.
I come face-to-face with one I'll never forget
A beauty at its shell, a gun in its net.

Captivating, electrifying beams and grins
They capture a lady's soft heartstrings.
They twist them into vines of terror, all fine
And make them into fishing lines, thus meant to dine.

What may be is what you believe
A last solemn moment recalls the eve.
The days of sweet, blithe roses are gone
In place are thorns, emerged and raw.
Shelby Predrick Apr 2015
Hungry creatures patrol the wild
A world of twists and kindness mild.
Shoves and punches echo the walls
Cries of help, too, pattern the falls.

I look at my checkered dress and sigh.
Why can't I fit? Why can't I lie
My older sister's knees and toes
Her perfect friends and crystal phones?

Mirrors reflect harsh realities
Muffled truths, cause for calamity.
Wrinkles and spots at this tender age
Will do so much but stain this page.

Even they who seem betrothed
Later betray with what's the cause.
As time passes, I sense the truth
What comes and goes does seem ruth.

My heroes have but crossed the line
They live in joy, forgetting they were toys
That winded and sat, feelings tough
Turned round and round till the detour rough.

Coughing brothers and disappointed mothers
They don't do much to help the shudders.
Calls of the divine, all rested on ours
I know we'll change, I know we'll fly.
Shelby Predrick Apr 2015
Relentlessly I stab
Counting the wounds on a tab
The red smudges my book
Indicating the lives I took.

Her glassy eyes gazing at stars
Once dreaming of Mars
Now lifeless; preoccupied
With the next big journey of her life.

My own hold nothing.
Murky, clouded and grey
I dream of nothing but cutting
The cords of hope
The ribbon of destiny
The fountain of life, as they call it.

Well, mine already dangles above the pit.
A single snap and the artwork so painfully knit
Tumbles down, glides far
But never fails to crash the tar.

My parents watch.
Moaning, "It's all our fault."
I'm sorry, my sugars
But don't blame the pullers.

My peers gather round.
Their eyes still judging
Their heads still calculating
The times I cried and begged
In the wild games when I was tagged.

My widow, does nothing.
She looks on with pure loathing.
I never did make her life any better
So why did she have to choose the latter?

Finally, I admire myself internally
Restlessly, shamelessly, wearily and calmly.
The beauty of it all touches me
Filling me with delightful remorse
Peaceful insanity and muted roars.
If this is what it takes for a flame to explode
Then send me the code
To living in silent mode.
Shelby Predrick Apr 2015
Shrouds glinting
Spirits flickering
The dead being raised
The sacrifice is placed.

For the pain a soul carries
Only her sweet mother marries
Sons and fathers though, unite
In the glory of the horror night.

Wine glasses clinking
High peasants blinking
Doomsday is arriving
With them men not realizing.

Further down the hill
Where all hell kills
The dragon awaits
The forests set ablaze.

What's left are the stones
They tell stories worth the tones.
Hurriedly arranged in cabinets
Then left for the joy of lunch next.

I lingered a while longer and smelled the dirt
The blood on that shirt
Rotten wine on the curd.
And I sigh off the pie.
It made me realize

We are merely an ant long
And yet we strive for a mile.
What shall happen in this Halloween rite
Is definitely a mystery worth the while.
Shelby Predrick Apr 2015
Sister, I told you
How much I needed you
You listen to all my pleas
And cry over my bees.

But there's this beast inside me
Stay away from her, it pleads
You are not supposed to open that bag,
But how can the snake not lie?

Oh, well, my sister, you took in all of it
Swallowing my temporary misery.
But what have you sewn?
You made it all your own.

My love for you is real
But I can't put it into words
Because you know me as well as I do
That I'm a meal.
A curse.
A shoo-away.

You see, my darling, nothing can ever come out.
Scarred when I saw six
You can take it when the demon picks.

Everyone is a little broken inside
All I've been doing is not burden you all night.
I hope you understand!

Please tell me you'll never let go
With the dog just inches below me
You're my last hope.

Can you grab it all back again?
You were right and I was wrong.
My fingers are begging to work out
But it just doesn't go with my brain for long.

As you slip away from me
Please do remember these moments
Those fragmented keys
To the garden that is to come.

Sister... It couldn't have been better.

— The End —