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Oct 2019 · 533
Tales From The Abyss
Torits Melody Oct 2019
This addiction has tainted my once pure heart,
From it I am unable to break apart,
A man who Would Give Up Everything For His Art,
Now Incapable Of Love; A nomad trying to survive the drought.

I am Lost Without Love As My Compass,
Stuck On the Fence Where Eons have long passed,
Nasa caused Me Nothing But horrendous Torment,
Stella constellations now cause me to lament.

A Rebel Astronaut who once drifted through the stars,
Now hide from the light; trying to cover his dark scars,
Demons glued to my back whispering spine-chilling lies,
I Drank from death’s Glass; throughout the outstretched night, we dined.

Guilt sunk her claws underneath my skin,
Her face Carried a Monstrous Grin,
Time Froze as affliction arose,
The predicted crises is finally revealed on this Horrid road.

Tears rushed down my cheeks as pain cradled me in her Arms,
All my emotions dead like plants in a burning farm,
All my Losses yet I never knew pain as I do now,
In the end i was no god was just a mortal man.
“I’m fine... I think”
Sep 2019 · 227
My Nightmare
Torits Melody Sep 2019
Gave You all you could Ever want,
Gave You all you could Ever need,
But you were nothing More than A Duplicitous fiend,
Whose singular goal was To mar Me From within.
Sep 2019 · 701
Love Hurts
Torits Melody Sep 2019
From True Love To Stranger I had never Met,
From Midnight Muse To morning Regret,
Love That once bloomed turned into a thorn in my side,
The Spark Once felt raged into a flame that Burnt Me To a crisp.
Sep 2019 · 482
The Human Condition Piece
Torits Melody Sep 2019
The Morning in America is dark and cold,
But I’m no regular New York Soul,
Yet recently I’ve hit an All Time Low,
Things might get better, Maybe I Don’t Know,
But last night I Woke the F**K Up,
The Good in Me is stirring up,
The Weight of the World is Overwhelming,
I’ll just be a Robot, like the 80s Film,
I see the Guillotine dropping fast,
The Hand of God saved me at last,
He Is Still the Same, I finally found that out.
I begin to truly grasp the Human condition,
Why we all want, why we all need Fashion.
Coined From One The most prodigious Album Of all Time
Sep 2019 · 321
Unsatisfactory Love
Torits Melody Sep 2019
Love Or Lust, who was to know,
You never step a foot In this ocean to see How deep we could go,
Through my veins, circulated Love so untamed my blood boiled every time it flowed.

The holocaust in my heart wasn’t enough To make  you stay,
The Insatiable Hunger You Possessed I wasn’t Able To Tame,
You never truly Saw the Bigger Picture Maybe ***’ you were too busy Worrying about the frame,
You Always Wanted More, The turmoils Of Your Brain.

We had Two Different Blueprint, it seemed,
The lies You told me had submerged deep within,
To the Point if I had Tried peel off This false skin,
The painful Effect would Be detrimental to well Being.

The Girl Who Came From A world Where Love wasn’t nothing but Four Letters,
The Knife You brought To cut me in two Also Broke  our Tether,
And now Alone I drift through An Endless Vacuum like a single feather
You put on an Outstanding Show, But Now The Acting’s Done, So Take Your bags And leave The theater...

— The End —