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Sep 2019
Love Or Lust, who was to know,
You never step a foot In this ocean to see How deep we could go,
Through my veins, circulated Love so untamed my blood boiled every time it flowed.

The holocaust in my heart wasn’t enough To make  you stay,
The Insatiable Hunger You Possessed I wasn’t Able To Tame,
You never truly Saw the Bigger Picture Maybe ***’ you were too busy Worrying about the frame,
You Always Wanted More, The turmoils Of Your Brain.

We had Two Different Blueprint, it seemed,
The lies You told me had submerged deep within,
To the Point if I had Tried peel off This false skin,
The painful Effect would Be detrimental to well Being.

The Girl Who Came From A world Where Love wasn’t nothing but Four Letters,
The Knife You brought To cut me in two Also Broke  our Tether,
And now Alone I drift through An Endless Vacuum like a single feather
You put on an Outstanding Show, But Now The Acting’s Done, So Take Your bags And leave The theater...
Written by
Torits Melody  18/M/Nigeria
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