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病気 Apr 2018
I saw the nature I once loved,
The sun, stars, and moon above.
Skies with birds flying,
With the wind and the trees dancing.

The beautiful glimpse of it made me realize,
I broke these once or thrice.
T'was a memory I should forget,
Something I reminisced with regret.

I was happy with hidden agony,
No one noticed my pain,
I became insane.
And then, I saw my beautiful place.

This is the world I carved,
My skin with millions of scars.
Now, I shouldn't blame anyone else,
Because no one broke me, but only myself.
病気 Apr 2018
This is not a letter to myself,
Nor to someone I left.
This is for someone filled with regrets,
For those whose pain demanded to be felt;

It was the obscure evening,
The night when you found yourself— empty.
You lost trace of the light's being,
T'was the moment you chose to flee.

You gave everything you must give,
Gave them all their needs—
Yet there's nothing left for you, not a penny,
Not even a single bit of sympathy.

You were lost, tears were crystalized,
Pain made you lose your mind.
There, you made a decision,
You became your own rebellion.

You killed people, hurt 'em with your words,
But never regret, they did the worse.
Chose to choke you while you're breathless;
The people who made your darkness.

It wasn't your fault that you hurt people,
It was them, who killed your own person.
病気 Apr 2018
The world turned its back on me,
I realized, I didn't know why I was crying.
Blank face, vague tears,
Grey skies, finite bleam.

I begged myself to leave me alone,
I felt something I musn't feel.
Cried with the loudest voice,
While my happiness wasn't on the tone.

Sadness filled my head,
It was the reason why I bled.
Discreet noise was its weapon,
T'was the silence of a hungry lion.

I became the prey of depression,
Anxiety became my companion.
I didn't have a choice,
They'd let me suffer if I escaped their prison.

I am tired.. no —
Not even that word would suffice.
I want to die.

— The End —