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3d · 42
Untitled (4)
4d · 15
Untitled (3)
orange clasp
eyeglass of time
shadow bamboo
Japanese Japan nature fruit Senryu haiku
Apr 5 · 58
(Untitled 2)
Mar 30 · 58
Untitled (1)
autumn yawn
shire of candles
prune early hop
Mar 22 · 161
Hinder Speak
on the beach
scuttles my thyme
crocuses faze
Mar 22 · 65
Heather Tide
on the shore
finding myself
ruins fade
Mar 20 · 111
Settle Praise
crisp leaf
for rambles of snow
on harvest gobble
Mar 20 · 99
Shore Kept
lemon feet
for seas of rubble
on Drake pout
Mar 4 · 112
Penelope Coal
root strike
for peas of zebra
on cotton silk
Mar 2 · 139
Tally Root
early spring
for chimes of pink
on belle snow
Mar 1 · 90
Public Host
early frog
for lagoons of whisk
on ice song
Mar 1 · 73
Derail Coconut
bamboo hop
for shores of plaice
on ankle crank
Feb 26 · 399
Settle Praise
crisp leaves
for rambles of snow
on harvest gobble
Feb 25 · 96
Detail Coat
prune leap
for lambs of snow
on early willows
Feb 23 · 90
Dissater Wait
mountain sap
for frogs of crumbs
on willows peat
Feb 22 · 87
Welcome New
belle shore
for talons of roots
on frosty ink
Feb 22 · 205
Heath Tea
fallen leaves
for early pebbles
on wasps of snow
Feb 19 · 185
Public Nickel
early clang
for sache of peaks
on goats' catamaran
Feb 18 · 151
New Tendancy
early mountain
for haze of scullery
on a catch of spice
Feb 16 · 99
Telephone Weary
pulp flute
for dandelion craze
on Furness toads
Feb 15 · 159
Humble Flock
June harvest
for centipedes noon
on pink crumbs
Feb 12 · 220
Turtle Peck
fallen leaves
for young snow
on coffee rain
Feb 11 · 157
Tracker Tot
auburn blaze
for acorns bleat
on rodeo thyme
Feb 10 · 371
Brick Sprite
early lambs
for prune cobbles
on fallen leaves
Feb 9 · 95
Celtic Spring
canary whisper
for pink pebbles
on hills of June
Feb 8 · 180
Shackle Delight
fog nettle
for early bees leap
on stolen primrose
Feb 5 · 268
Chime Whims
harvest song
for early pebbles
on monsoon daze
Feb 4 · 141
Crunch Hop
talons haze
for crisp frost roots
on bells of shores
Feb 3 · 253
Roast Sinclair
harvest song
for early pebbles
on talons of bloom
Feb 2 · 101
Escape the Whine
snow derby
amble on early frogs
for lagoon of whisks
Feb 1 · 127
Tally Whoosh
prosecco wasps
drift on claw songs
for roots of hiccups
Jan 7 · 146
Stampede Row
on the shore of haze
an antelope
flop the wheeze ***
on a pelican of mud
a coffee
of a dandelion stow
Jan 1 · 157
on the tide of sop
a seahorse
on a pencil of tin
Dec 2020 · 121
Blight Shrine
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
snow Huskie ramble
whimsical charade
boot trumpet squawk
Dec 2020 · 243
Cat Day
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
on a sunny walk
a poker
carries on a root
Dec 2020 · 350
Tally Falk
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
on a mountain slay
a catacomb of toffee
wishes for lobsters
Dec 2020 · 141
Durable Ant
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
on a wind swept dray
snails loom a camp
as a dandelion bleets
Dec 2020 · 117
Frost Delight
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
one the banana skirt
a lost sheep goads
the skittles of apples
Dec 2020 · 319
Floss Tactile
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
snow ridicule foot
empty lob
pelican debris sky
Dec 2020 · 138
Welcome Slay
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
empty coal shoot
pedigree lounge
shire rescue pout
Dec 2020 · 188
Straight Dice
Dec 2020 · 277
Lone Strand
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
snow ladle
on a boom of toads
a hind of hyacinth
Dec 2020 · 231
Go Richet
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
on the slow
cobble of a post
a penguin cooks
Dec 2020 · 194
Trust Sparrow
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
on an owl
the deep of roost
by a pickle
Dec 2020 · 321
Cattle Tow
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
on the boot
a tweed of snow
for the shark
Dec 2020 · 187
Halloween Catch
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
on the spoon
floats a whey
for the blimp
Dec 2020 · 105
Custard Reel
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
on the sky of a fish
a daffodil shoots
the pancake
Dec 2020 · 214
Turkey Gone
Susan N Aassahde Dec 2020
feline cook
scatter on the lob
a punch of snow
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