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Rose Nov 2019
I may not know
how many times I stumble and fall for tomorrow
I know there's always a hand to help me get up again.
I may not know
how much pain I might get for tomorrow
I know there's always a hand that heals every wounded hearts.
I may not know
how much sorrow will be for tomorrow
I know there's always a hand that draws rainbows of joy to find me.
I may never know
what tomorrow may bring
I know God sees my future and holds me near.
In Thy hands, I'm safe and sound
Rose Jul 2018
There is
no love
more fulfilling
other than
the love
you give
for yourself.
It's not being selfish, rather it is giving what's intended for you before you give what's for the world.
Rose Jul 2018
I used to walk all alone in the shore
feeling emptiness to the core.
Until I saw footsteps and followed its trace
when I looked up, I saw your face.

We were strangers way back then
Until both of our hearts start to beat again.
It's like the world decided to stop for us
Just as the skies meet the sea, fate connected our path.

I don't need to think what's with the horizon's end
When there's time with you, an infinity to spend
I won't worry if the tides wash away the prints we'll make
When memories are keep in every single walk we take.

And as time and tide tarry for no man
We'll sail through the winds and make our journey worthwhile
For as long as our heart's desires continuously flow
We could be together, me and you.
Rose Apr 2018
Don't get entice only
to the beauty of the flower itself.
For it will shrivel in the test of time.
And you'll be left alone
only with all the crashed
fragments of her petals
when her love dies,
despite on how you kept her.

If you want to take her hand
Let both your love flourish.
Scan deep within her roots
For it is where her soul lies.
Include her thorns
And know her more.
You'll never get to love her purely
Unless you take her all.
Before you got to say you love that person, make sure your heart falls first. Not because of what you see but because of what your heart feels.

Then, let acceptance rule over.
Rose Feb 2018
Same as up high
I can be your star
Any place you'll take
I'll be forever where you are
Though it may
And sky turns grey
I will be still
And for you will stay.
Rose Feb 2018
Can we turn days into new beginning?
Can we mix up colours of life and put into painting?
Can we bring back time when there's no pain?
Can we be friends, again?

Can we dance to the tune of life together?
Can we take life's steps without fear?
Can we leave what's unbearable to find new gain?
Can we be friends, again?

Can we take away all those gloomy remnants of the past?
Can we rewrite a new story that will last?
Can we build bridge of friendship despite our differences?
Can you take chances?
Rose Feb 2018
Wherever the path you will take
Hold to your heart and grab the faith
Prepare for the following strife
Be on your way, run for your life.

When you're at the path which you take
Be brave to things which life will make
When you stumble down, do not cry
Get up, start one step, you must try.

Run for your life, keep on running
Look forward, the future's coming
Think for your dreams, it's where heart is
One day you'll find out you're at bliss.
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